Craig Ferguson is known to us as the host of “The Late Late Show” and now under the sea he is likely known as that silly man with the racing heartbeat. But how silly is it to be scared when you’re swimming with sharks, sans a cage?

Craig Ferguson is safe from sharks...for now!

Ferguson went underwater in the Bahamas for “Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week” for the Discovery Channel. He is a certified diver, but that doesn’t mean there’s never a risk. He talked to Julie Chen on The Early Show about his experience. Explaining that he was nervous, he said, “Before I went diving, I looked at all of the possible scenarios and none of them was good. It was horrifying.”

The crew certainly didn’t help relieve any of those fears. Ferguson explained to Chen, “I said, ‘Have any of you gotten a shark bite?’ And they all said, ‘Yeah,’ and they all showed, everyone of them showed me a bite here and a bite there. But they said, ‘Try to keep your heart rate steady. Don’t make any sudden moves, keep your hands close to your chest and when the sharks come in, don’t look too tasty.'”

Speaking of their teeth, he noted, “(Sharks are) very, kind of, almost playful. They kind of bump into you. … The trouble is, it has very very sharp teeth!” As playful as they were, they’re also menacing.

Ferguson is not eager to hop back into the murky waters. “No, I will never do it again. Interacting with wild animals in their environment is dangerous. They don’t play by your rules. I was a visitor, and I’m grateful I was allowed in there. And now I’m not going back.”

“Shark Bites: Adventures in Shark Week” airs Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel. How are you celebrating Shark Week 2010 (shark gummi bears)? Would you ever actually go down to swim with these guys?

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