Dubbed for years as, “crab worth sharing,” I’m here to concur. Original Crab Pie is frickin’ delicious.

crab pie

Looks succulent, doesn’t it? It is.

For those of you who watched Supermarket Superstars on Lifetime, you know what I’m talking about. Monica Van Cleve and the Crab Pie were one of the three competitors in the “dinner entree” category. In my review of that episode, I noted that although the Crab treat didn’t win, it was still the option I most wanted to find on my supermarket shelves.

After having a nice chat with Monica about how badly they’d edited her on the show to look like a cartoonish villain, she offered to send along some of these infamous pies for me to review for Small Screen Scoop readers.

Looking for unique crab cakes? Then try crab pie.

Looking for unique crab cakes? Then try crab pie.

Crab Pie Review

I was sent 4 pies, 2 of each kind that are offered.

Here’s what you nee to know:

  • They are richer (more cheesy and succulent) than a crab cake.
  • They have a flaky crust and the shape of a quiche, but are not quiches.
  • They aren’t pot pies, though they have the CUTEST little crab cut-out’s baked on the top.
  • They are incredibly easy to bake, no pans are involved.
  • No defrosting time is needed at all! Perfect for a last-minute meal.
  • They actually do taste really fresh.

When it came to sharing, I was worried that cutting these would make them messy or running. But the crab meat included in these recipes is so dense that I could split them in half with a butter knife, and they were perfect, plump pieces ready for serving. Impressive.

Would I re-order these? I would absolutely order some of the red crab pies! The blue one’s weren’t for me, but if you already know that you like blue crab, then you’d likely love that one just as much.

Honest review provided in exchange for product.

If you are looking for gourmet crab cakes delivered, consider the Original Crab Pie, instead!

Visit: Original Crab Pie

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Easy crab appetizers!

Easy crab appetizers! Slice into portions, it’s that easy!

Beautiful as crab appetizers.

Beautiful as crab appetizers.