Join us for an fun way of re-living Covert Affairs “Wishful Beginnings.”

auggie anderson

Here are the made-up twitter hashtags I wrote as I watched the show.


#AnnieAuggieReunion – So much emotion. From me.

#LearnToAvoidColumns – But it does take practice.

#Eyal! – I’m all about Eyal. (Oded Fehr)

#EyalNAuggie – Love how they hugged.

#EyalTheDefender – He adores Annie.

#AnotherAward? – Seriously, Annie gets a lot of awards for someone who disappoints the CIA so much.

#AnnieAuggieBanter – It’s delicious.





#SideBun – Annie managed to have perfectly professional-yet-disheveled hair.


#EyalSeduction – He’s working her. But not without some real feelings, at least.

#ButImCooking – Never refuse a man who cooks.

#OmgAuggieAw  – God, this was a sad scene.

#AnnieNEyal – Although it seems he’s got some secrets.

#IntoTheBlack – The cover of this song was by Chromatics.

I could not be more happy with the direction Covert Affairs has taken, or with this particular episode from season three. I love how Annie is becoming jaded and educated. The show is getting darker, and more dramatic. I love it.

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Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays on the USA Network. Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie for the USA Network