covert affairs

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White Collar and Covert Affairs are set to pair up and make Tuesday nights more exciting, starting July 13th on USA. You guys are already in love with White Collar (Matt Bomer, anyone?) and that will be airing Tuesday nights at 9 pm ET/PT. Directly following that is the new show Covert Affairs at 10 pm ET/PT. I’ve already talked a bit about Covert Affairs, but I didn’t note (or know at that time) that the show was from the producers of the Bourne Triology and Mrs. and Mr. Smith. I have to admit, I didn’t like any of those movies – but it definitely lends credibility to the show.

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Covert Affairs will be in direct competition with the new ABC show by J.J. Abrams called Undercovers. If the names sound similar, it’s because the shows have the same central plot idea. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be all that alike. We won’t know until we see them both. It’s possible that people will love both shows, and spies will become the next vampires in terms of an “it” thing.