Did you love the second episode of Covert Affairs (“Walter’s Walk”) or what?! Viewers got their very first look at the title sequence for the series in this episode. If you remember, we posted a picture of Christopher Gorham working on it. Of course, it was green screened – and now we know why. Voila:

The title sequence features images of Piper Perabo (Annie Walker), Christopher Gorham (Auggie Anderson) and Kari Matchett (Joan Campbell.) We suspect they might have loved to include more people – but for time/budget reasons they stuck to the two main people who are in Annie’s CIA work life.

Your Most-Asked Questions:

What is the Covert Affairs Theme Song? “Can You Save Me” by Apple Trees & Tangerines

Is the guy from Covert Affairs really blind? Nope! Christopher Gorham is just a terrific actor.

When does Covert Affairs air? Tuesdays at 10 pm on the USA Network.

Where can I watch Covert Affairs Online? Hulu has the most recent episodes.

Here’s a video so you can watch the title sequence in its’ full glory:

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