Did you see Annie and Auggie kiss? It was the most romantic moment on TV to never technically happen.

Simon is gone, baby, gone (Does the “baby” reference also make you think of 50 Shades of Grey aka the worst book ever published? Yea, me too. Let’s take a moment to mourn literature.)

My knee-jerk reaction to this was NOOOO, and I never even warmed up to this accented hottie! (I know, weird, usually I love any and all accented hotties.) But, the more I reflect upon this I am reassured of two things. First, I am fairly certain he will be back eventually. Secondly, it’s good for Annie to deal with this on her own and not be dragged into an even longer love story with Simon because he messes up the entire dynamic of Auggie/Annie/The DPD. I’d rather focus on that family/team than Annie as a lovesick woman with blurry loyalties. Love makes us all dumb sometimes. And Annie is no exception to that. (None of us are, except robots. And they will never enjoy a double rainbow the way we do, so it’s a fair trade.)

What if… Annie was also gone?

Here me out on this… because it’s just something I want to float by you guys. I enjoy Piper Perabo and her work as Annie. But I also do think the show could be amazing and brave if it actually did kill Annie off at the end of this episode. (Which, of course they did not and never would!) She’s the star. And we already were worried she was going to die last week (well, not really) and now she’s okay blah blah blah. The coolest thing Covert Affairs could have done would have been to take their lead of two years, threaten death, relieve the threat, then BOOM kill her off. Can you imagine?! Suddenly we’d have a show that wasn’t focused on Annie, but the DPD team and Annie’s world would become peripheral. (We’d see Danielle (Anne Dudek) grieve in an episode, I’m sure Annie’s presence would linger for a long time.) It would be realistic, intense, good TV and it’d give us a chance to follow another operative that can be actually kick ass instead of a watered down, TV-friendly character. (Many of you guys agreed with me last week that Annie is just not clever or strong enough as our heroine.)

I’d go on to propose that Covert Affairs actually give each new main character two years on the show. At that time, we know they’d leave but it could be from death, a transfer, anything. That would be intense and people would be making all sorts of guesses all the time! Anyway… I’ll end this tangent.

Dream a little dream of everyone you know

It seems like a lot of shows that have never done dream sequences before, are suddenly like “hey, dream sequences are awesome, let’s do one!” Bunheads is one of those shows, and now so is Covert Affairs. The dreamlike state was at times incredibly silly and at other times incredibly beautiful and damn near the best part of the episode (I’m speaking of the Annie/Auggie dancing scene and the nod to the opening credits.)

On the Annie and Auggie front…

I do like A/A. But I also wish there was even more weight to their friendship, and more reasons to pinpoint why Auggie has befriended and loved Annie so much. (She’s the one who has to prove herself, Auggie needs to explanation. Anyone would love him because of his wit, intelligence, humor and ALL of that. And Christopher Gorham is handsome! Meanwhile, Annie is a very pretty girl who’s … not particularly great at her job but does have a sweet heart… eh.) I’m no where near ready for them to be romantic yet. So I’m glad that we got a taste, but that it’ll obviously be a while until the characters ever confront these feelings for each other. (And if it isn’t a while, then I will be ranting here.)

Covert Affairs music!

  • Cutty Love by Milo Greene (Song when Annie and Auggie dance)
  • Stars by Fun
  • Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar Remix) by Cat Power (Song at the end.)

Covert Affairs Fashion

This was a particularly astounding episode for fashion on Annie Walker! The red (orange-ish – coral – pink – whatever) dress that was off the shoulder and had a rose? Gorgeous. The white lace dress with full pleated skirt? I am in love with both pieces, and both are absolutely Annie. The Covert Affairs costume designer did a great job in “Suffragette City” with all of the characters. I really loved seeing Joan in action (in her sensible, but high, boots)!

I MUST know what you thought of this episode! Agree with my thoughts or wildly disagree? And how many times are you going on YouTube to watch that dance scene? – be honest!

covert affairs annie and auggie

Covert Affairs “Suffragette City” Season 3 Episode 9 Review. Covert Affairs pictures from USA Network.

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