There’s no getting around my love for Christopher Gorham in general (from Popular, Harper’s Island or his old Felicity days – yes I have always watched a lot of TV), or for his character Auggie Anderson on Covert Affairs. Which is why I’m so very excited about the episode airing tonight, “Communication Breakdown.” It’s a very Auggie-centric episode.

Update: For the full review, posted after the episode aired, go here.

USA Network was kind enough to let me watch the episode before it airs. I’m going to write an advance review here to kick things off for us hardcore CA fans. And then I hope you check back here after you’ve watched the episode, so that we can compare notes. I’ll have my full review posted on Wednesday morning.  (Check me out ma, I’m efficient!)

COVERT AFFAIRS -- Episode 107 -- Photo by: Bruce Macaulay/USA Network

The episode opens in Washington D.C. with the song “The Ghost Inside” – which I know because the music video has Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks. (It’s a seriously good song.) And what do you suppose is going on? Oh, just some pesky computer problems with everyone – everywhere! (I freak out when my computer isn’t working for five minutes. Patience may be a virtue – but it isn’t one of mine.)

Covert Affairs Quotes: Communication Breakdown

Danielle is getting more to do – and I know I’m not the only person who is happy to see more of Anne Dudek on the show (collective cheer, yaaaay.)

Because of the lack of computers working thing going on (yes, that’s the technical term) our team is on the case. And it turns out their prime suspect is Auggie’s ex-girlfriend, Natasha. Ruh-roh. Auggie doesn’t think badly of his ex, though. (A very respectable quality!)

Keep your eyes peeled for: an adorable shirt, a stinging slap, an accursed book, and a surprising love interest for a male on the show. (Plus, a chance for me to go on about how much I love Canada!)

Stay tuned for my upcoming review following the episode!

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