Annie and Eyal are a very unexpected OTP (one true pair) on Covert Affairs. Nevertheless… boy do I root for them now. Check out our Covert Affairs review of “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) season 3 episode 14, below.

eyal and annie

I’ve never been all about Eyal. He was always just this dude who appeared sometimes. But just a couple episodes ago he resurfaced for a much bigger role in Annie’s life. And I suddenly find myself all about Eyal (Oded Fehr) who is very dreamy-handsome and always saving Annie’s behind. And even when we were supposed to believe Eyal was a rogue spy, I never did. He’s a badass with a heart of gold. We all know Annie and Auggie are the end game for the series… and since Simon was so recent who knows if we’ll get any Annie/Eyal action… but it’s fun to hope. Hell, just having hope is a big deal.

Speaking of Annie (Piper Perabo) she’s become so much harder and more satisfying to watch on the screen. I believe her as a spy now. Thank you to Matt Corman and Chris Ord. I knew they had this intention when they started, but things got halted. Covert Affairs is now the best it’s ever been.

Misc Review Notes

    • Auggie’s full name = August. And Eion Bailey now plays an August on Once Upon a Time.
    • Did you guys guess that Megan was going to betray Annie? After that look she gave towards the door when Annie left, I had a feeling that’s what was going to happen. All it took was about two beats of a look and I understood. That’s great acting.
    • An even bigger conspiracy is afoot… I dig it!
    • Auggie won’t return to Iraq…right? But there’s no story if he doesn’t feel some drama and think he might. Or … maybe he’ll go and then return?
    • Don’t you think the theme song music should start before the teaser scene ends? I feel like they did that for one episode, and have now stopped. The track is messed up now that they had to shorten the graphics with Jai’s character gone… (Rip Jai, a character who never quite worked.)

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Covert Affairs Review – Season 3 Episode 14. Pictured: (l-r) Piper Perabo as Annie Walker, Oded Fehr as Eyal Lavin — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/USA Network)