It’s almost summer, and you know what that means: Beautiful people running around being amazing on USA Network. Last night was the Season 2 Premiere of Covert Affairs, and it did not disappoint on the beautiful, the running or the amazing.

I don’t think I could have asked for more out of a season premiere. The case of the week was relatively simple and easy to follow and there was movement on both long-running story arcs: Ben/Annie and Arthur’s job. If you were new to the show last night, I think it was probably easy enough to jump in without too much background. And for those that forgot a lot that was going on over that incredibly long hiatus, I’m hoping it was easy enough to jump right back in.

In the case of the week, Annie (Piper Perabo) was tasked with being a new handler for Nadia, a tennis pro who was the mistress of some of Russian big bad. Honestly, I didn’t catch the whole thing – something for digging for an element that provides nuclear power, but let’s face it, does it really matter? No. Annie tried to make contact, but Nadia gave her the “I have no information for you” signal, except she messed it up, so Annie took that as “save me!” However, Nadia rebuffed Annie’s savings multiple times, so Joan told Annie to back off the case. Shock of shocks, Annie didn’t and came to realize that Nadia was actually put in place by someone trying to kill the Russian – her new tennis coach. Annie saves Nadia for real this time, and Nadia is granted asylum in the US, but no more tennis for her. She also gives Annie a life lesson – you just have to keep living despite the set backs, something Annie has been having trouble with….

Speaking of, let’s go back to the start of the episode. After getting shot in the finale, it turns out Ben is just fine. Of course he is. That guy is a machine. Plus Eion Bailey is just too darn cute to get rid of after being so under-utilized in season one. He was recovering at a US Naval hospital in Guam (ocean views, Annie can swim in the ocean… bliss), but then some guys come and shoot up the joint trying to hunt down Ben and Annie, so bye bye Guam and hello Walter Reed Memorial (not bliss). Ben is not pleased, especially when Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy…swoon) is there. Those two don’t exactly get along. And while he does his best to make Annie feel okay, it is obvious Ben just wants out. And he gets it, although no one tells Annie and she shows up a couple days later to find an empty bed and no record of his ever being there. I smell the CIA! When Annie asks Joan (Kari Matchett), Joan basically says Ben is fine without actually saying it. In other words, she answered in CIA-ese.

Annie is not handling much well after the whole craziness in Guam. She is paranoid and on edge. Auggie (Chris Gorham) and Joan are obviously worried. But thankfully, by the end of the episode Annie seems to be getting back on track. And as for Ben… he’s a CIA agent again. And he gets to work off on his own just as he likes to, thanks to Arthur (Peter Gallagher). The one catch – he can’t see Annie. Although Arthur is holding her out like a carrot on a stick -behave yourself and maybe you can see her again sometime in the future. Something tells me it will be happening sooner rather than later.

As for Arthur – who by the way I keep calling Sandy Cohen in my head- he is still dealing with the fall out of the leak, which according to Auggie is not closed up. The reporter, Liza, is still writing some pretty bad stuff about Arthur. He is using in-house counsel to try and take care of it, but it isn’t working. Joan tells him to hire a big time political lawyer – a real shark. At first he won’t, but as things progressively get worse, Arthur gives in and hires him. I haven’t been as invested in this storyline, so I’m hoping it gets more interesting.

Things we Learned/Things I loved:

– Ben likes Sudoku and Five Guys Burgers. Now I really want a Five Guys…. YUM.

– I love continuity, so glad the drinks at the courtyard tavern have remained this season.

– Annie gives off a “warm fuzzy aura” according to Auggie. AKA he loves her. No? That’s not what it means? Agree to disagree.

– How do you get your sister out of the house? Have her kids spill grape juice all over the carpet. I laughed and cringed. And did those CIA guys have to actually clean the carpet?

– YAY ANNE DUDEK! I was worried they would find a way to drop her because they didn’t use her too often last season. I adore her and I’m glad she is back. Use her more! I love the character, Danielle.

– The Christian Louboutin shoes are back this season too. They are like another character on the show. So so pretty.

What did everyone think of the premiere? Are you excited for the rest of the season? What are you hoping happens this season? And who do you think Annie should be with? Ben, Auggie or Jai. Girl has chemistry with every male she comes in contact with….

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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