On this week’s episode, Annie & Company invade yet another country in order to save one of their own. This time, the country is Mexico and Annie gets some help from Joan! Finally getting to see the boss outside the office.

Covert Affairs: Welcome to the Occupation review & recap

Last week, I wondered if we would finally find out if Annie was still seeing Doctor Scott (Ben Lawson), and I got my answer right away. Yep! And they like to do fun things like climb up a cliff… though it appears half the fun for Scott is checking out Annie’s bum. Well played, doc. While Annie is flirty during some time off, in Mexico City a group of men led by Delgado  (Yancey Arias) decide to take a weekend board meeting at Gulf Gas & Electric hostage. But before the group can take all of their phones, the one girl, Megan (Sonya Salomaa) in the meeting manages to get a text off to an emergency contact. And that text worked out for her because Auggie is calling Annie minutes later to let her know she needs to come in. So she abandons Scott on the side of a mountain. Oh the trial and tribulations of dating a CIA agent, huh Scott? (Just don’t call Bradley Cooper and ask him how it turned out for him on Alias!!)

Annie, still clad in her climbing gear, meets up with Auggie. He tells her that the hostage takers are an eco-terrorist group called Anarchist of the Direct Earth. And the reason that one text Megan sent off went to exactly the right person is that Megan is a CIA op who has been deep undercover at GGE for 2 years. Annie is nervous because she has never led a hostage rescue op (really?) but Joan asked for her specifically. The demands include money (naturally…) and…. something involving Annie needing a green screen. This gave Auggie the opportunity to use the line “what are you wearing” and to feel Annie’s shoulder. Hot.

At Arthur and Joan’s house, Arthur is a little upset Joan has decided to take on this op herself because he feels it is too dangerous. Of course, he believes she can handle it (he’s not a dumb husband) but he still voices concern. Joan isn’t having it though – Megan needs to make a meeting tonight or two years work goes down the drain. So she goes, but Arthur makes a call. I bet I know to who…. (I’m guessing tall, handsome and a fan of beaded bracelets from Sri Lanka). At Henry Wilcox’s (Gregory Itzen) house, he and Jai (remember – they are father and son) argue a bit over the current situation – Jai wants Henry, who is on the board of GGE to help facilitate the CIA team to get in, but Henry is none too eager to help out Arthur. No hard feelings though. Before he can say anything else, Jai get distracted when he sees a pretty girl on the security cameras. Men. So easily distracted.

At the airport, Annie is more than a little surprised to see Joan. Annie is supposed to be a war correspondent for Eco TV as her cover (hence the green screen). And also a surprise on the plane…. Ben. That Arthur. Can you say awkward? But Annie handles it like a pro CIA op. Just as Ben starts to notice that Annie has that “something different about her air” that always seems to come with a new boyfriend, Joan comes over to establish ground rules. Number One: she’s in charge. (Hear that, Ben??) They are just there to check it out, and then report back to special ops who handle the actual extraction. We also learn that Megan is a friend of Joan’s from the farm. Who’s too involved now?

Joan, Annie and Ben head up to the conference room to perform the interview for Eco TV. The camera that Ben sets up is actually transmitting to CIA where they are all seeing (except Auggie) and hearing what is going on. But it is a one way feed. Delgado immediately starts to question Annie – he watches Eco TV all the time, it’s why he chose them, but obviously he’s never seen Annie before. He pulls a gun on her and Joan has to basically dig her fingernails in Ben’s arm. But when he looks Annie up on his iPad, they find video of her on EcoTV (green screen!). Later, a uniform cop shows up because a scared wife called to say her husband who is in the meeting is not answering any texts. Thankfully for the hostage takers, one of them is a detective on the force! He just tells the uni that the guy is upstairs screwing his secretary. Classy. Before the interview starts, Annie gets Delgado to let the hostages go to the bathroom, starting with Megan. This gives her an opportunity to talk to Joan. We learn that Megan was there for Joan when she was hospitalized. Hmmm.

Back in the states, Jai goes to the courtyard bar to see Liza, the news reporter that has access to the link. Turns out that was the pretty girl on the security screen at Dad’s. She tells him to go to a meeting that night, and ignores his implications that Henry is the leak. Speaking of, Henry listens to Jai and goes to see Arthur. Tho Henry seems almost too non-reactive to the news that Joan will be there, not just Ben. In Mexico City, Ben mics up Annie saying that tomorrow they could be in Belize. Sigh. Then Delgado gives Annie a list of questions – the only questions she can ask. But he cuts it short when he finds out that the wire transfer goes through. Annie gets a bit feisty and starts talking trash to him, saying this is about the money not the environment. Delgado doesn’t take it well, breaks the camera (so now Arthur and Auggie can’t hear/see what’s happening) and takes them hostage as well. Joan seems annoyed, but Annie says she can tell he is going to kill the hostages. And she is right, because the first thing Delgado tells his guys: kill them all once he is on the plane. But he decides he needs to take an “insurance” plan” and chooses Megan, but the head of the board, George, takes her spot. And now that they are left in there: Joan turns to Ben to go cowboy. He brought along a device that will break even the thickest glass. Love that he smiles when it bursts the windows causing Annie to just roll her eyes at him.

Loud breaking glass, of course, tips off the guards but Annie and Ben are already behind the bullet proof glass outside and Joan and Megan go into kick ass mode and disarm the guards! Girl Power! Ben and Annie are all happiness working together (Poor Scott…) and on the roof Annie grabs some ropes and Ben takes out the elevators. Ben and Annie get back just in time to knock back out one of the guards that had woken up and pulled a gun on Joan and Megan. Joan and Megan take the hostages while Ben and Annie repel off the side of the building (right back into climbing gear for Annie!). On the ground, Ben knocks out Delgado but George then tries to grab the gun to shoot Ben, but Annie knocks him out – looks like he’s the one who hired Delgado. Megan and Joan have a nice moment to say goodbye. Ben tries to get Annie to come with him on a vacation, but Annie turns him down. Sad? (I’m asking you, because I don’t know how I want to feel about it…) On the plane back, Joan invites Annie for some wine and bonding time. I enjoy that this relationship is not adversarial.

Later that night, Jai meets with Henry who tells him that he is the leak, but if Henry goes down so does Jai, so he may want to hear his proposal. Oy. And when Joan returns home, Arthur is all prepared with a very Sandy Cohen-esque speech and candlelight dinner to apologize for sending Ben, even if he isn’t really sorry. I miss Sandy Cohen.

While this has been going on, Scott goes to drop off Annie’s camping gear and is spotted by Danielle… and her girls, who rope him in to a fabulous round of board games, including, naturally, Operation. Then the kids ask if Scott and Annie would get married. Danielle promptly said that it was rude to ask. Then asked him herself, because Annie has seemed happy. He said that’s good because he hardly sees her – she works more than the medical interns. Once again, Danielle’s radar goes off. But Scott seems cool, and after Annie comes back they finish their romantic picnic on the cliff.

I enjoyed the episode, if only because we got to see Joan be badass in the field. But here are the three main questions: Is Danielle going to find out what Annie really does? Is Jai going to be bad now? And is Annie going to stay with Scott or will her feelings for Ben get in the way?  What do you think? Or what do you want to see happen?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter: @serrae

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