This week on Covert Affairs, Annie loses someone important to her, and finds out that there was more to him than she knew. It also leads her to think about something that has weighed on her for awhile: whether or not she should tell Danielle the truth.

For several weeks now, Danielle has picked up on clues that maybe Annie is not being entirely honest about her job at the Smithsonian. So after Annie dodges an offer for Danielle to drive her to work with a constantly morphing story about a work conference, Danielle dons the big dark sunglasses, gets in her car and follows Annie. Of course, Miss Annie is a spy and notices she is being tailed by a familiar looking minivan. Also Danielle does not appear to be a good driver, so Annie manages to get away quickly. When she gets to work (20 minutes late thanks to having to detour to lose Danielle) she tells Auggie about it, and he said it is normal for family to get curious when you join the agency.

But all of the family spy talk comes to a halt when Arthur arrives with Joan (never a good sign) to make an announcement. A CIA operative, codename Moonlight, was killed in the line of duty. I’m assuming the stat Arthur gives is accurate, that only 103 ops have been killed in the last 65 years. Only 4 on US soil. It’s sad news made even sadder when Joan tells Annie that Moonlight was her Georgetown Langauge Prof and advisor, Mark Ramsay (we met him briefly last season). That connection put Annie at the top of the list to find his killer, natch.

Mark, as a well-respected language professor, travelled the world giving him the opportunity to recruit assets, make drops, and all that good CIA op stuff. His current mission involved tracking a local Pakistani spy ring with whom he had an inside man. He was killed before he could make his last drop, so Annie now needs to go get the documents that have the intel, wherever they may be. Annie was chosen because she knows Mark’s wife, Safia. (Who when they show her picture, is clearly Pakistani. Does this not set off alarms for anyone else?) Thing is, Safia didn’t know Mark was a spy. Joan didn’t want Annie to tell her, but Arthur says they don’t have time for that, so just lay it all out there. Annie is nervous, but Auggie tells her there is no protocol, just find the way that works for her. Annie arrives at the wake, and Safia is so happy to see her because, as we know, everyone loves Annie. As Safia is called off, a few young men, one of whom is very creepy (alert alert!) chat up Annie for a moment. Annie excuses herself to make sure she has time to talk with Safia later.

Annie gives Safia the CIA commendation letter, and as expected, Safia is a bit shocked. And frankly, angry, as she makes clear by ripping up the letter. She refuses to believe it and sends Annie away, but she comes in the house anyway and finds it turned upside and a man with a gun is upstairs.  I guess the CIA isn’t the only one looking for the documents. Annie and Safia head outside and have to run from mystery man who pursues them in his car. Later Annie supervises as the CIA dismantles the house and puts it all on a moving van to be examined at headquarters (led by the same funny guy that came to clean the carpet at Danielle’s). Safia is, again, not impressed. She is mad at Mark for lying. Mad at Annie for telling her. Just mad. And I get it. Can you imagine?? But they have to put the anger on hold when The Cleaner (does he have a name?) finds a safety deposit box key behind a false wall. In the box – a kit to make CIA transmissions. But also it is a memory box of his trips with Safia. And his wedding vows. Sob. It was enough to make Safia understand a bit more.

Jai has been talking with the Pakistani embassy who, of course, claim that the spy group doesn’t exist and they disbanded all of those ages ago. Riiight. The car that tried to run down Annie and Safia was a rental that was paid for by the Pakistani Welfare Agency, which is probably a charitable front. One of the executive assistants is a pretty young single girl – Arthur puts pretty boy Jai on it. Finally, someone uses their pretty besides Annie. When Annie gets home, Danielle is watching footage about Mark Ramsay’s shooting. Danielle gets really upset when Annie says that was her advisor. She wants to know why Annie didn’t tell her. Annie gets short with her, and Danielle apologizes seeing she is upset.

The next morning Auggie shows Annie a room where a bazillion agents (I may be exaggerating) are looking over all of Mark’s stuff with precise detail. Apparently Mark could have been on Hoarders because he has enough stuff to fill that room at the end of National Treasure (also an exaggeration, but less so). They are looking for a microdot – a teeny tiny object that when looked at under a microscope has a ton of info written on it. They can’t seem to find it. Annie looks over the stuff and finds the wedding vows are missing, so she goes to find Safia at home. Joan thinks she is involved (thank you for someone thinking this!) because she was born within miles of the spy ring. Annie is pissed and says that she would never do that. Joan also tells her Mark submitted Annie to be a CIA op ages before Annie applied (just look at the pictures with the bad wig with bangs!) so maybe Annie isn’t as sure she knows either of them as she thinks she does. Joan benches Annie because now she is too involved, and they need to find Safia without her.

Now that she is benched, Annie has time to sit around and ponder life’s questions – like why she got recruited. She asks Auggie why he did, “for his body,” he replied. But really – because he can write computer code (something with Java…) and he won state wrestling championships. They don’t usually go together. Annie is upset to find out she didn’t get in on her own, that they were already looking at her. Auggie is cute and basically tells her she is silly. Then when Annie talks about Safia, he tells her he should be telling her to just let Joan handle it. But then he pulls what I like to call a Mr. Incredible and tells her he “should NOT be telling her….” and then proceeds to tell her exactly what she needs to do in order to do some digging on her own in the room with all of the Ramsay’s stuff. Annie seems to find something interesting about the postcard from Maine and a ferry pass…

Back at his desk, Auggie gets a call from the Smithsonian – Danielle is there looking for Annie. Ruh roh. Danielle is given the run around and is getting progressively angry and then Auggie just “happens” to walk by. He takes her to coffee and gives an excuse that Annie is at the conference.She tells Auggie all about how she never sees Annie and how Annie has cancelled on Scott 3 times last week. You know, Auggie, the DOCTOR, she has been dating. Auggie’s face of massive jealousy is fabulous. (at least, I pretend that is what his face was saying) He basically gives her the CIA talk but instead of CIA he says Smithsonian. And instead of protecting our freedoms and our country, they’re protecting art. It’s funny, it’s quite convincing. And not just a little bit ridiculous, but Danielle buys it. Meanwhile Jai goes and works his flirty eyes and cheekbones and immediately gets the Pakistaki assistant back to her room for some loving. While she goes to get champagne Jai calls tech and downloads her contacts from her phone. But instead of leaving, he sticks around – you know, to be sure it’s safe or something.

Annie heads out on the ferry. After watching The Killing I expect she will find an Indian Casino, but she doesn’t, she finds a cabin. And Safia… with a gun. Safia looks scared, not like a Pakistani spy. (whew) She just wanted to be in a place that reminded her of Mark. The house on the island was not registered with the CIA – it was just for the two of them. Safia gives Annie the vows and sure enough- that’s where the microdot was. Annie heads back on the ferry, and has no cell coverage – that means something bad will happen! How about  Annie finding Safia talking to the creepy guy from the wake? At the same time that Annie figures it out, Jai discovers that guy was part of the Pakistani ring.  Annie fights it out on the ferry and tries to get a lifeboat free. With a little help from Sofia and a big pole, she disarms the other bad guy that was on the boat. Hurray!

Arthur presides over a ceremony to add a memorial star onto the wall at Langley. Annie realizes that she doesn’t want to keep Danielle in the dark like Safia was. Auggie tells Annie that he eventually told his brother. They didn’t talk for 6 months, but now they are close. So Annie has a decision to make. But before she leaves, Auggie gives Annie a bit of a hard time over not telling him about Scott. Sigh… When she gets home, Annie sees Danielle and takes a deep breath, seemingly deciding if she should tell her.

Next week is the season finale. What do you think will happen? Will Annie tell Danielle? Will Auggie ake his shirt off? (What? I think this is a valid question…)

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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