Woah. We have to talk about this episode! Every time I think that Covert Affairs has just delivered its best episode, it one-up’s itself. But I can’t exactly be mad about that.

There have actually been plenty of episodes of Covert Affairs that I was not overwhelmed by as much as I would have liked. But “Rock n Roll Suicide” got to me. In all the deliciously emotional ways that quite literally made me cheer & tear (up.)

I have so many shout-out’s to give:

Oded Fehr (Eyal) – Swoon. Right? Oded is handsome and Eyal is the prince who swooped in and saved the day.

Piper Perabo (Annie) – Girl, you’ve never looked more beautiful than you did in this episode – and you weren’t even wearing makeup. I thought she was dynamic and would be so interested to hear about what it was like to film the scenes where Annie was being tortured and in solitary.

Kari Matchett (Joan) – She’s so good at playing the dual roles of caring mentor and hard businesswoman. I loved seeing the vulnerabilities play out on her face as she tried to fight for Annie without playing favorites.

Stephen Kay (Director) – I never praise directors enough, and that’s on me. But the opening fight scene where Annie is running through the woods and ultimately takes down one guy only to be punched out by another? This was a sequence where I really paid attention to the direction and thought it was particularly amazing.

Stephen Hootstein – The writer of this episode. I bow down, sir. I especially loved the fast dialogue between Auggie and Arthur, and the lack of dialogue by Annie when she was in shock.

Matt Corman & Chris Ord – These showrunners are not afraid to push their central character of Annie past what they envisioned for her in the pilot. They’ve ramped everything up and delivered the kind of TV show that made heavyweight Peter Gallagher wax poetic about how talented they were in conference calls before season 1 aired, and want to be part of this show because of them.

Peter Gallagher (Arthur) – I just adore him. I’ve spoken with him in conference calls and over twitter. He’s the kind of person you call a “stand up guy.”

Christopher Gorham (Auggie) – Little screen time, but always a big impact. Gorham’s Auggie is passionate and commanding without ever seeming arrogant.

Agnes Bruckner (Zarya) – Beautiful and memorable in this small arc. I have always recommended her movie “Dreamland” to others. Also, fun fact: Agnes was in the Alias episodes “The Box Part 1” and “The Box Part 2.”

USA Network supplied the hashtag #EyalSavestheDay but I have been inspired to make some others:









Covert Affairs season 3 continues this Tuesday with “Wishful Beginnings.”

Covert Affairs season 3 “Rock ‘n Roll Suicide” Review

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