Annie goes to Paris for a mission, and like any girl who has seen her fair share of Rom Coms, she gets a little starry eyed just at the thought. Also making her starring eyed in this episode of Covert Affairs (“Good Advices”) was the return of Oded Fehr’s Agent Eyal Lavin.

Taking advantage of the fact that USA Network has apparently given this show a nice size budget, the show went on location to Paris (Look! It’s the Louvre! And not just in B-Roll!). Joan gives Annie a mission to get an asset in Paris – a young woman who works for the Syrian Embassy. Turns out she may have some info on a very bad man. (Canan, or something like that… guy’s a ghost that the CIA has been after forever) Annie, takes it seriously, of course, but is also barely able to contain her excitement – it is Paris after all. A $6000 handbag switch and a bottle of wine later, Annie gets her gal, Selma, by playing the “new best friend” angle. Which is almost as clever as Lavin’s “new boyfriend” angle. (In case you forgot, Lavin is a Mossad Agent who Annie tangled with before. Loved him last year as well.) Finding out Lavin is also after Selma makes Annie both charmed and annoyed. As you do when you are a little bit attracted to your competition. (Side note – is there a male on this show that doesn’t have a flirtation with Annie? Besides maybe Arthur… and even then….)

Turns out Selma is a little too smart for both of them and realizes that neither Annie or Lavin are who they say they are. She offers her information to the highest bidder. Annie is approved for $50,000 and waits to hear from Selma…. and waits… so does Lavin, as it turns out Selma accepted his offer as well. Unfortunately for all of them (mostly Selma) the asset winds up dead before spilling the info. Lavin wants to split up so he leaves, but Annie thinks she knows where to Canan. Of course, Lavin follows her and ends up helping her anyway so they get a picture – a big deal since this guy has managed to avoid having that happen until now. They celebrate with flirting and martinis. And Lavin stealing the memory card out of the camera. Men! You just can’t trust them when they work for a different agency!

Lavin doesn’t get far though, he is captured by Canan’s men when leaving the bar. Annie follows and wants to go in to rescue him. With some help from Auggie (and a little inspiration from MacGyver) Annie distracts everyone by exploding a van and rescues Lavin. When things don’t go as planned in their esacape, he has to rescue her right back. (That’s right, I threw in a completely unnecessary Pretty Woman reference.) They say their goodbyes, and we, along with Annie, hope to see Lavin again sometime soon!

While all of this is happening, Joan has jury duty (no one gets out of that, do they??) and Auggie is left in charge. Jai is not happy about it. Joan, despite feeling like she would make a fantastic juror – you know, being part of the CIA and all – is actually kind of crap at it. She thinks it’s cool to take calls while sitting on the jury. It’s funny to watch her get in trouble with the judge. But, when the judge says the trial will go on at least 3 weeks, Joan pulls some strings and 1 text message, 30 seconds and 1 hand delivered note to the judge later she is excused. Well played, Joan.

Things we learned/Things I loved

  • The CIA has office birthday parties. Who knew?
  • Joan doesn’t appreciate the importance of buying a Birkin bag.
  • Lavin’s birthday message for Annie
  • Annie tells Danielle she lied about where she was on this trip…. will this lead to Danielle finding out more?

What did everyone think? I found the case slightly more interesting this week, if only because of Oded Fehr. Selma was a bit annoying, and I wasn’t too sad when she died… that sounds awful, but I hope you all know what I mean. Looking forward to dealing with more of the other storylines next week.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae