Reva may have gone back to her old job, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t working with the team still. This week on Covert Affairs season 2 she heads to Poland with Annie to set up some new technology, but unfortunately for poor non-field ready Reva, things do not go as planned.

As the episode starts, Reva and Annie are hiking through the woods of Poland. Annie is enjoying the scenery. Reva is complaining about 6 days of hiking and how that beautiful scenery would have looked just as nice on Google Earth. But she is excited to be part of this new technology. Its a camera in a rock that looks at the Belarus border. Auggie tells her it is all set up and that he has a cab waiting to take them to the airport not far from there. (Annie swoons, Reva just says thanks. I still feel like someone watched a lot of Bones when creating that character) But as Annie looks across the border into the beautiful hillside of Belarus she notices an empty town not on the map. I guess she shouldn’t have paid such close attention because as she and Reva check it out through binoculars, 4 Belarusian soldiers appear with big scary guns behind them. Uh oh. (cue opening credits!)

Annie tries to tell the soldiers they are just tourists, but they don’t buy it and put Annie and Reva in the back of a truck. Reva starts to freak out a bit but Annie tries to get her to hold it together. They are going to maintain their cover and hope the Belarusian soldiers are just hoping to barter a trade. Back at the CIA, Auggie and Joan are checking out the footage from the rock cameras (Look! They are working for us already!) and Joan comes up with a plan. She doesn’t tell us or Auggie what it is though because she likes to maintain a level of suspense. Jai, meanwhile, is applying for a risk management job at another company in Berlin. (WHAT? Don’t leave. You’re so pretty.)  Just as he is saying his big fault is he can be too diplomatic one of his phones rings and he ignores it. Then the other phone rings and he realizes he needs to pick up. It’s Joan and when he tries to give some excuse about where he is, she says she knows he is at a job interview. (Joan knows all, dummy) She tell him Annie and Reva are in trouble and he needs to get his butt over to Poland, pronto.

Annie and Reva meet the Big Bad Belarusian leader, Max Kupala (Peter Stomare, the go to “somewhere in Eastern Europe” bad guy). They try to maintain their “we’re just hikers” cover, but seriously, who buys that? As he points out, former presidents have flown to North Korea to go get “just hikers.” He also finds that GPS that measures down to the inch, and mentions you can’t just buy that at an REI. Jai is getting a team together, and says this mission is completely off the books. They follow the GPS signal from a helicopter and start to follow a blue truck, but as we saw before, there are two blue trucks. From my millions of hours of TV watching I was not surprised to only find the GPS in the back of the truck.

Max takes Annie and Reva to his lovely home and offers them tea as they chat by the fire in the fireplace. Just kidding. There is no tea. But there is a fire in the fireplace. Cozy! They even get some yummy food. The Belarusians are asking $60 million, but the State Department is upset because they weren’t told of this mission. They  tell Joan they want two days to attempt diplomatic (non-giving in to demands) approaches. Joan still keeps Jai on the hunt despite letting the State Department try their thing. Hey…. remember 2 minutes ago when I joked about the tea and fireside chat? That is next on the plan Max has for Annie! He is trying to get her to admit she is a spy. But she holds her ground. However when she refuses to break, he gets frustrated and breaks out some threats

Back at home, Danielle takes the kids to look through Annie’s room to look for stickers, but she finds Annie’s passport instead. Apparently part of the cover Annie set up with Danielle is to be in New York for most of the week, but then heading to Edinburgh after. She’ll need her passport for that. So now Danielle is looking to talk to Annie. Auggie, of course, hears the call and realizes we now have another big problem. At the cabin, Annie is busy getting her guards drunk by doing a bunch of Vodka shots. (It’s Belarus, so you know that Vodka is no joke). Then as she gets them going in a rousing rendition of the Belarus National Anthem (I assume… it could have been a Justin Bieber song for all I know. I don’t speak Russian, Polish or any other Eastern European language) she grabs the Vodka bottle and throws it into the fire, knocking out the guards with the blast. Well played. But sadly for Reva, that means they are back hiking. After a long time (about 9 miles, according to Reva’s super computer brain) they try to come up with a plan. Annie wants to head towards the Ukraine because it is unexpected, but Reva wants to head to Poland because it is protocol. Reva reluctantly agrees to head towards the Ukraine though.

While they are hiking, Auggie is busy trying to deal with the passport problem and Jai is dealing with a broken helicopter. Joan tells Jai to fix it because no one can know he is there. Right about now Jai is wishing that guy in Berlin had just offered him the job. Danielle is causing extra problems because she has gone to the Scotland embassy to take care of Annie’s passport problem. Thankfully, Auggie’s buddy is there to take over and convince Danielle that everything is fine and he will get the passport to her himself. Now they don’t need to take Danielle out back and kill her! Whew.

Off in the woods, Annie and Reva bond over some berries. But when Annie spots a potato farm, she tries to convince Reva to get some food and a place to sleep. Reva gets upset and tries to leave and head to Poland, but she trips and hit her head on a rock, she also twisted her ankle. Looks like they are heading to the farm. But hopefully not that farm your parents sent your incredibly old dog to when you were a kid. As they approach, a not friendly looking man comes out with a rifle, but his young daughter goes up to them, and that is enough to get her parents to help Annie and Reva. But in the middle of the night, Max and his soldiers drive up to the farm and Annie and Reva take off. They search the place, but find nothing. (I’m so glad they didn’t kill the dad!) Max has also changed the demands, he wants more money in less time. Auggie says it is because Annie and Reva escaped, but Joan doesn’t want to bet on that. Three seconds later Jai calls in to tell them there have been rumors of two hikers matching Reva and Annie’s description in the countryside. Yes, there was gloating from Auggie.

Annie and Reva are in the woods, and see Max gaining on them, they wind up on a cliff, and jump into the river below. They swim along and as they finally make it across the river, who do they see? Jai and his men on some motorcycles. I love that when Jai says hi to Annie, it was all happy like they were about to leave on a date on that motorcycle. Adorable.

Back at CIA, Reva and Annie have a sweet goodbye. Annie also apologizes to Auggie for the drama with Danielle and the passport. But he tells her not to apologize – it’s amazing she has someone that loves her so much she was willing to give up an entire day going to the embassy for her. When she gets back home the sisters have some ice cream and it is very sweet – both the moment, and the ice cream.

A few questions: Is Jai really leaving? (please no!) How much longer until Danielle finds out? And most importantly, how does Danielle keep the back doors wide open without getting bugs in her kitchen????

What did you think of the episode? Are you hoping we get more Reva in the future? I do…. it is nice to have a girl for Annie to interact with that isn’t her boss.

Next week: An Auggie-centric episode!

Written by Melissa Miller. Follow her on Twitter: @serrae

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