In this weeks episode of Covert Affairs Annie is sent back to the Farm, but not to complete her gun training – to find an agent that is burning recruits. Problem is – if Annie gets burned too, she is out of the CIA. (Spoiler alert: that won’t happen!)

Annie, may be on her way to becoming a world-class spy, but as a babysitter, she is just like the rest of us. One of her nieces, Chloe, fell down and hit her head while playing dress-up (sorry, Katia, putting on a fashion show) so Annie makes use of a skill set most babysitters don’t have on hand – insane driving. Chloe is just fine, as is her doctor, Scott (played by Ben Lawson)…. who like every other male that Annie comes in contact with is magically hypnotized by her charm and asks her out. Before she really has time to react, she sees Joan walk by, somewhat creepily, and goes to see whats up. Joan and Auggie tell her about the mission at the Farm and the possible consequences, but Annie is in, ready to take the guy down. And not just because the girl that was burned sounds like her. And finish up that gun training.

Annie is back in CIA training school. She sticks out, not just because she is already a CIA field op, and better trained, but because she is wearing a bright pink shirt and all of her fellow trainees are wearing shades of black, navy and army green. Her slightly scary training officer, Roy, (Tim Guinee. I wonder if you go to his house he will have a lion speakerphone like on The Good Wife) picks Annie out as the only one who correctly went through the first exercise. This is sure to endear her to the other trainees. Especially her uptight roommate who is none to happy to find out that now that Annie has taken over the top spot the burned trainee left open.

When Annie first starts to notice something was up with Roy, she follows him off base, but loses him once he picks up a girl in town. Things get a little intense the next morning when he finds her running along the road in the woods and offers to take her for some “gun training” out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently she never saw that Oprah where the guy said never to let the bad guy take you to a second location, because she got in the car and went with him. Literally three shots at a tree and some awkward conversation later, they are done and Annie heads back to base where she finds Auggie waiting to to give some training on audio surveillance and a teeny tiny flash drive to get the info off of  Roy’s computer during a cocktail party training that night.


Auggie is helpful at said cocktail party, giving Annie a cryptic message on where to find Roy’s computer. She gets the info (a file with numbers and dates) on the flash drive, but before she can leave… in walks Roy. And then shirtless Auggie letting Roy assume this was just a room used for a booty call. Well played. The viewers thank you. Of course, Annie’s love life will not be put on hold while waiting to find out the contents of Roy’s computer. So she calls Dr. Scott and they meet up outside base at a diner. The date goes well – witty banter about the gross food items they’ve eaten – but she has to run thanks to curfew at the Farm. When she returns she finds one of the other girls in her group has been burned as well. She calls Auggie and he confirms the mission is still on, and has she hangs up she grabbed from behind.

As suspected, it is Roy who grabbed her, where he takes her and tells her he knows she is there to prove he is the one burning spies. He is not happy about it, because he didn’t do it. Of course, he holds her at gun point, so Annie is having a hard time believing him. He calms down to tell her that he was meeting with his wife. They are trying to have kids but fertility problems have been an issue – the file with the numbers and dates were a chart to keep track of her ovulation and prescriptions. But he does have some thoughts on who the leak is – a trainee. (Duh)

Now, how do we make finding out which trainee is the leak even more exciting? Have it happen during the flight jump training exercise, of course! One by one the trainees jump out and Annie learns that one of the male trainees, Cory, (that we’ve barely gotten to know) is the leak because he knew the girl was going to get thrown out last night before anyone else did. Big fight, slicing open of parachute and jumping out of the plane while holding on to each other commences. But this guy doesn’t realize he fighting BAMF CIA operative, Annie Walker and so he gets knocked out in mid-air and she opens his parachute and she lands with him. Then she gets to actually graduate from the Farm. And gets some good advice from Roy – to remember this is just a job. In other words – go have fun with that pretty doctor!

Back at CIA headquarters, Joan and Arthur are dealing with issues of their own. Joan has to deal with Jai who is feeling like he isn’t getting used at the level he should be (and getting the corner office he deserves). Arthur, well, you know, the guy has some legal issues going on. So what does a man in as much trouble as Arthur is do? He meets up with his ex wife, Gina (the always gorgeous Rena Sofer)  who has some connections with a Senator that has been trashing Arthur and can help to sway him. Not really a big deal, except he hasn’t told Joan that he’s meeting with Gina. But Gina, not one to miss a moment to embarrass the woman who stole her husband, approached Arthur when he was with Joan at dinner to tell him she is glad he took the time to meet with the Senator. Nice.

I thought this was a solid episode. I’m curious how long it will take until Ben comes back. Something tells me it will conveniently coincide with the moment she starts to take things a little more seriously with Dr. Scott.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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