Last night was an enjoyable episode of Covert Affairs, although not exactly my favorite. I didn’t yawn, but I wasn’t exactly on the edge of my friend’s futon. (And I know, futons are so 1998.)

Covert Affairs - "Houses of the Holy" 106 -- Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

Guest stars were in fresh, fine form in “House of the Holy” with Lauren Holly* (Picket Fences), Anna Camp (who I typoed as Anna Vamp, which is ironic if you remember her stint on True Blood last season) and D.W. Moffat (Friday Night Lights.) Much as I love a good guest star, there was almost too much going on with these characters to give our main ones a chance to really shine.

*Who I kept thinking looked like Reba McIntire.

Our main plot revolved around secrets being leaked, and the suspects were all United State Senators. Annie was tasked with a certain Senator, and she went in using her cover of working for the Smithsonian. She managed to observe enough to figure out what’s really going on (an affair that has set into motion a jilted, naive wife.)

In the B plot, Auggie was helping on a project which ended up being with his old team. To be honest, I feel like this storyline wasn’t completely flushed out enough to understand. But this could be partly because I was very tired as I watched, and partly because anything about the army/guns/etc I never truly understand. As far as I could tell with my bleary mind, Auggie was being tasked to help on an assignment outside of the DPS, and it was with a team he used to be out in the field with, prior to his accident. He was rewarded when they were able to trust him (blind and all) and he was able to save their lives. Gotta love a juicy backstory.

Speaking of Auggie, the highlights of this episode are the interactions between Auggie and Annie. They are such good friends already, and I can only predict what better friends they’ll be as the series progresses. Right now we get friendly, playful banter. And I love me some good banter. (Seriously, why do you think I have “I love Gilmore Girls” tattooed on my forehead?) I’m pretty positive we’ll see some romance between this pair, but not for a while. And especially not while the expected romance between Jai and Annie is being pushed on us. I get it, there’s some sexual tension there and eventually it’ll explode in their faces. But I don’t feel the connection yet, so I doubt I’ll ever root for that pair.

Something not exactly worth mentioning, but I will anyway, was the C plot going on about Annie thinking her sister’s hubby was cheating. Turns out he’d lost his job. I’m glad it wasn’t a cheating thing, because we simply haven’t had enough time to bond with those characters, or feel invested in them. Here’s hoping Anne Dudek gets much more screen time.

If we veer the text back to the plot, something that can’t go unnoticed is the relative ease in which Annie was able to sneak into the Senator’s life and office. The security was very, very lax. It’s TV, so we have to cut them slack. But I wish there had been time to see Annie working harder to break into places.

As it is, I do very much enjoy seeing Annie use her spy skills to play people. Piper Perabo is essentially playing a character who has to be an excellent actress.

Many of these episodes will deal with trust issues (it’s the CIA, can anyone ever trust anyone?), and there is a part of me that feels sad that as all of this trust is being built up but Annie will eventually realize many people are holding a giant secret from her (about her ex boyfriend.)

What did you think of the episode? I’d love to hear your thoughts!