Are you wearing your “1-Up” t-shirt? Let’s talk about how great that was, and everything else we loved about the Covert Affairs episode “Communication Breakdown.” There was plenty to love up on in last night’s episode. I loved up on so much I became a love slut. And I’m not even a little bit ashamed. (Shame is for people who don’t watch this show, man!)

COVERT AFFAIRS -- Episode 107 -- Photo by: Bruce Macaulay/USA Network

Last night on Covert Affairs, everything got computery and high tech. Except, that is, on the home front. While Danielle is starting up a new catering business (which okay, does use computer’s for a website) she’s getting down to her roots and making delicious, nummy food. Is that your stomach growling, or mine?

Covert Affairs Quotes: Communication Breakdown

When Annie asked her sister “What’s with the four seasons catering spread?” I recall that I’ve never been there, and really want to go! (Which is so not happening.) I’m glad they’re fleshing out Danielle’s character more because Anne Dudek is a real dream of an actress. I also love the little interactions we see between Annie and Danielle, wherein we can tell how Annie will always be the younger (adorable) sister. And as a side note, a couple of those Annie w/ food shots seemed too sexy for a catering ad! (So I wasn’t entirely surprised when the pictures came back to haunt her.)

“Mommy, Elmo went away,” was the cutest thing a little kid has said, possibly ever.

But then we had two major things to deal with: Auggie has a cool back tattoo and Auggie is having sex with the press woman, Liza! Is Auggie the leak? My heart SANK! He is too precious! But luckily, he has another agenda.. And hey – Auggie also has a super swank pad!

I loved how Auggie got SO happy to be sent in to the Data Tech conference. We don’t see him happy enough. Annie having to tag along was equally great. Annie + Auggie = major win. and Auggie’s “1-Up” shirt was clearly made of win. And he even referenced “epic fail”! Granted, all of these phrases are kind of passe in the online world now. But I still like them. Seriously, people still rock the “All your base are belong to us” thing and that’s from…a long time ago-ish!

For all of the shock that Natasha got (Auggie’s blind, AND he’s CIA), she handled it fairly well. I’m pretty sure I would have been sent into a state of shock that even a giant, sugar-loaded chocolate chip muffin couldn’t have shaken me out of.

The book Auggie mentions that Natasha was reading is “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. Published in 1992, the book is about computer’s (which is to say, you should visit the Wiki page if you want to know more, because that’s the simplistic way I’m explaining it.) I kind of want to read it now, what say you?

How great was it when Danielle said, “You sound jealous”? It’s like, the writer’s said it, not me! Sure, maybe Annie rebuffed it – blah blah. Minor details. Their love is destined, destined I say!

Wasn’t it surprising that Natasha showed up to see Auggie even after knowing he’s CIA, and knowing what she plans to do? If I were her, I’d think it was a trap. And it turns out it kind of was. Just not by the CIA.

After watching that one episode of Sex and the City (in season 5, I think?) I’m too smart to ever want to travel by train for any extended period of time. But the Canadian train with the red seats and the black and white drawings (OF A MOOSE) on the walls looked so pretty. Le sigh. I want to travel by train in Canada! Of course, my odd Canadian love affair is nothing I keep secret from you guys.

So, now Annie knows a secret of Auggie’s (this creates intimacy!) But she’s also starting to have the inevitable problem with keeping secrets with her family. Secrets, secrets, are no fun. And even when they’re fun, they certainly can have consequences.

P.S. Did you guys like Natasha? If we do, there’s a good chance the show will listen to fans and bring her back sometime. Speak up!

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