Annie is put in charge of a spy exchange in Argentina but this seemingly simple exchange goes awry. Why? Because this is a television show, of course. Such silly questions, you ask.

Auggie maps out how the exchange of the Italian spy in Argentina will go. Pick him up, fly to a remote airstrip outside Buenos Aires, exchange him for our guy, go home and head to the bar for a pitcher of beer. He didn’t mention that the Italian, Carlo, (Ignacio Serricchio… he’s dreamy. I loved him on General Hospital and Privileged) was going to be chatty, and that the contact would end up having to land 250 miles away and that Carlo would try to run. Good thing he did run though, because while hiding in the field they watch their pilot get killed by a scary assassin. Turns out Carlo claiming that the Italians want to kill him isn’t just a sob story!

Carlo and Annie don’t realize how bad their predicament is. The head of state in Argentina, Jorge (Benito Martinez) who allowed this exchange to take place in his country is more than a little pissed that now there are two spies and a hitman running around Argentina. He says if he finds any of them, they will be arrested as foreign spies. Joan and the Italian ambassador are not excited. Despite this mess, Joan sends Auggie to see Arthur and leaves Jai in charge. Back in Argentina, Carlo is worn out from being on the run – maybe he was telling the truth about not being a spy too- and suggests they head towards a friend’s house on the coast. She wants to go to Buenos Aires, check in and take him to the Italian Embassy.

In Arthur’s office, Auggie is being offered a position to run the Office of Congressional Affairs. He gets a big office on the 7th floor (“Oh good. A view.”) a primo parking spot, big pay raise. It also means he can’t be part of the spy world anymore because he would be a public figure. Jai and Joan are learning more about Carlo, discovering maybe the Italians are after him, but Jai is a little distracted by Auggie’s reaction to his meeting with Arthur. Auggie manages to figure out the hitman is a Chechnyan while Annie tries to find out from Carlo what is actually going on. He takes this as her flirting with him a bit. Because again – men around Annie means flirting. But when the “you like me” flirting doesn’t work for him, Carlo tries the “jump out the bathroom window” technique to get away. It doesn’t work because Annie may be dumb, but she’s not stupid.

Later Annie and Carlo wind up between the proverbial rock and hard place. But this time the rock is a police barricade and the hard place is a hit man following close behind. Annie just drives through the “rock” and is back on the run. She also finds out how the hitman found them – Carlo had a tracking device planted on his clothes. Joan meanwhile uses some flirty eyes with the Italian ambassador to see if he is dirty – he falls for the bait. So Jai, Auggie and Joan plan an extraction. They need to head to the wharf in Buenos Aires to get out. Everyone realizes Carlo is just a reporter, and apparently a good one  because the story he’s writing is pissing people off and his contacts are all turning up dead. Basically, everyone is trying to kill everyone at this point. You know, just another Tuesday. Carlo is upset and uses a cop approaching them to get away from Annie. Not smart, Carlo. But Annie find him trying to get on a computer to get his story printed so all of this was not for nothing. In order to get Annie to let him, Carlo makes flirty eyes. It works. I told you he was dreamy.

Back at the CIA, Auggie tells Arthur he thinks that the motivation for the promotion is suspect. Arthur assumes Auggie means because of the investigation Arthur is under, but that isn’t totally it. Auggie puts it succinctly, “You’re in a public relations nightmare and I’m the feel good hit of the summer.” In other words, he’s blind, so he gets a promotion. Arthur says whether or not that is true, it’s still a promotion, so worry about yourself. Auggie says great, takes the promotion but wants one thing first…. a foreign extraction. Later Jai approaches Auggie wishing him luck now that he is Arthur’s boy. Seriously, these two are like siblings. “Daddy loves you best now….”

Joan tries to get Jorge to understand that this is all about the Italian Ambassador trying to kill Carlo, but Jorge doesn’t seem to care. Joan is less than impressed. Annie and Carlo head to the wharf where they stand out because they are the only people who are not wearing an orange vest and hard hat. Also at the wharf – the hitman. He shoots someone and the gunshot startles Annie and Carlo (but apparently no one else…. maybe it wasn’t a gun shot?) causing them to lose the handcuff key down a drain. (Really?) They get in an awkward 3 man fight with the hitman and take him down. Just in time for the helicopter to arrive. And the Argentian police. Ruh roh. On hand with the police – Jorge who is taking all of this very seriously. But instead of shooting Annie or Carlo he kills the hitman who gets up behind them in true Big Bad fashion. Jorge tells Annie get the eff out of the country and to tell Joan he looks forward to working with her again. But with an angry voice, so we all know he doesn’t really mean it.

The episode ends the way EVERY episode ends – a wistful goodbye between Annie and whatever guy she was dealing with this week. Seriously… does she emit some sort of drug?

What did you think? I thought it was a fun episode. I’m happy with how they have managed to keep the other storylines going on the side – Arthur/Auggie for example – but not make it seem out of place. It has a nice balance. And while I wasn’t totally invested in the main story this week, I always enjoy Ignaccio….

How do you think these CIA changes are going to play out? And do you think Jai’s reaction shots to everything mean something more than just jealousy/frustration with Auggie?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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