With Auggie getting a promotion last week on Covert Affairs season 2, the position of tech guy in Annie’s field office is left wide open. And this week it is filled by the pretty girl from Thor. No, not Natalie Portman. The other girl. Not Kat Dennings either. You’ll see….

Poor Annie starts the day off badly this week. She is late for work, her parking spot is extra tight, she is nearly run over by some woman, then the same woman won’t let her back in the coffee line. Auggie tells her that he is moving on up the ladder, losing his covert status so they won’t be able to hang out as much. Awww… Bad morning. But it gets worse…. the woman who nearly ran over Annie – she’s Auggie’s replacement. Tension!

Reva (Jamie Alexander- that girl from Thor), Annie and Jai are tasked with looking into NASA’s satellites – one was hacked and shut down for several hours so that enemy military could move into place under cover. Things do not get any better with Annie and Reva – when Annie mentions that her sister has decided to run a marathon, Reva points out that when a woman in a marriage suddenly takes up a sport, it is usually a pre-cursor to divorce. (Is this girl Temperance Brennan’s sister? Who’s with me, Bones fans?) As they start talking about their actual mission Annie mentions she went to space camp when she was 12 leading to this fantastic exchange:

Jai: I had no idea you were a space geek.

Annie: Get to know me. It’s the final frontier…..Space, I mean. Not me.

Jai’s reaction face was hysterical. As for the mission – Annie is tasked with going to a NASA event and asking questions of the staff. Reva will use the video to use facial recognition programs and facial expressions to determine if people are lying. No, not like poker, as Reva makes very clear.

During the montage of Annie’s interviews with NASA employees it becomes clear who is the one to suspect, because only one actor is a “name” of any kind, Desperate Housewives’  Mark Moses. Plus he is the least strange, and he has a loving son. And he does the obvious eye rub. Jai and Reva claim this guy, Will, is the suspect as well – his wife recently left him and he’s an astronaut who has never gone to space. They want a wire tap, but Joan doesn’t want to mess with NSA (who blames her?). When Reva tries to offer up another suggestion, Joan cuts her off and lets her know she doesn’t tolerate this kind of questioning of her authority. Take that, girl who annoys Annie! Reva cries a bit, and Annie being the awesome girl she is, tries to make her feel better. She also helps Reva come up with a way to bug Will’s house without needing NSA approval. Annie calls and invites herself over and Will is happy to have her to the BBQ he was having that night. Reva, suddenly adept at personal cues, realizes this is probably a trap and that Annie’s cover may have been blown when a PR rep approached her at the party earlier. Annie immediately wipes the smug smile off her face.

Annie shows up at Will’s and after a glance around the bachelor-pad apartment and a Bud Light advertisement, they head on up to the roof and look at the stars. I’m jealous of the rooftop garden. While Annie charms them with childhood stories and Will’s son tries to arrange a marriage between Annie and his dad, Jai is in the apartment bugging the place. A storm is on the way, but Annie stalls knowing Jai is down there for another few minutes. Unfortunately mother nature doesn’t care, and forces them back to the apartment, but not before Jai narrowly escapes. Duh.

Annie and Danielle are on a run, and of course, Reva is right – Danielle has not been missing her husband who has been on business trips and conspicuously absent all season. But Annie doesn’t have time to deal with her sister’s marital woes at the moment because there is a girl who is following them on the running path in THE MOST OBVIOUS WAY. Seriously. You don’t need to be a CIA operative to notice this chic. Annie convinces Danielle to go home with out her and turns the table on the mystery girl. She chases her through the woods, causes a car accident and then loses her near the highway. When Annie calls it in, Reva tells her protocol says Annie shouldn’t come in today. Yeah right. When Annie gets in to work after a mass of time on various forms of public transportation, she finds Jai has a picture of Will with a mystery woman – the same one from the park. Not looking good for Will!

Will is brought in and Joan handles things – apparently he is aware that he has been working for Colombian rebels, although he didn’t know at first. He says he felt trapped once he was in, but Joan doesn’t buy that. Annie, the eternal optimist, of course thinks there is something more. When Annie looks to Reva for help, Reva starts talking about some sort of project she worked on where she helped invent mechanical hummingbirds that could record conversations. Is this some sort of Hunger Games crossover I am unaware of? Point of the story was to move on when the case is done, I think. I don’t know… I got caught up wondering if she was going to be in Hunger Games along with every other actor.

Of course, Annie was right – it wasn’t actually Will who was doing the bad deeds, it was Charlie,his son, who was found by the bad guys at a science fair. He was leaking work of his father’s, and when Will found out he took over to protect him. Awww….(or something)

Arthur and Auggie are also on their first PR campaign – building a school for girls in Afghanistan, oh and letting people know about some previously classified (and not very cheerful) missions in Afghanistan. Arthur isn’t happy that Auggie’s press statement focuses on the missions. Poor Auggie is having a hard time with this transition, but Annie gives him a pep talk. That puts the pep talk ratio at Auggie: 3827, Annie:1. Almost there, girlie. Apparently it works though, because Arthur loved Auggie’s next draft. But Auggie just couldn’t blow his cover – so he came back to Annie- just in time! (Reva goes back to her old job with a pay raise) Seems Charlie is still meeting with the bad guys and Annie needs to go get him. The ensuing fight with the mystery girl from the park plays out like the director just really wanted to make a horror film. I giggled.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Joan meet with their Shark aka Lawyer, Chet. But he isn’t very helpful and runs off to Hilton Head. Totally worth the money, that guy!!Later they get a ridiculously high, non-itemized bill from Chet. Joan tells Arthur to pay him, then fire him. But it turns out Chet wasn’t just playing tennis with his buddy – he was playing with the Senator from Kentucky who now feels like there is no need to pursue an investigation of Arthur. He IS

This episode was okay, but it left me with questions. Is this the end of the Arthur investigation? What about the leak? And according to the previews for next week, Reva is still around. Why? I actually liked the character, but I’m worried it is going to be incredibly contrived trying to get her mixed in with this team again if she doesn’t work in this field office. I guess we will see where it goes. But I am glad Auggie is back. I would miss the Jai/Auggie sibling rivalry.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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