You know how Annie’s cover job is working at the Smithsonian? Well this week on Covert Affairs, she has to actually work at the Smithsonian when an MI6 operative thinks she works there  and asks for her help. How interesting he should choose the undercover CIA operative on this mission! Well done, chap!

Covert Affairs “What’s the Frequency Kenneth?” Recap

In what wasn’t exactly an answer to my question last week, Danielle seems very upset with her husband who sent home a box filled with candy to his children while away in California for work. Do you have kids? I do. If my husband went on a business trip and sent that home for the kids to devour and then go into a sugar high, I would kill him. Again – aren’t they supposed to be getting divorced? Anywho – Annie says she’ll take the candy to work (Smithsonian, not CIA – Danielle was as shocked as we were that she actually works there occasionally.)

At the Smithsonian she is followed by a mysterious man (Tony Curran) who turns out to be MI6 – Agent Kenneth Martin. He pitches her a job in a way that sounds quite similar to the CIA guy who recruits stewardesses on Pan Am – her job makes it easy for her to travel and she is a sassy broad. She, obviously, takes it back to Joan who finds out the guy is in fact MI6, although he’s not they standard Cambridge Good Ol’ Boy type. And she wants Annie to take the job to find out what’s going on. As Auggie says, “Annie Walker, welcome to Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Who’s excited for the next James Bond film? I am!

So Annie signs up for MI6.  Since Kenneth is a guy their first official encounter borders on flirty – lots of talk of them both being romantics. He gives her the first assignment: getting the schedule of a guy who is an art restorer, Bickrey (I may be spelling that wrong…), at the museum so he can look in his studio. Joan wants her to do it while she goes to talk to MI6. Annie (Moneypenny, according to Auggie. Cute) is left to do double the paperwork (CIA and MI6) but doesn’t get to keep the MI6 money. Lame. And when she goes to get the restorer’s schedule under the guise of setting up a tour, she discovers Bickrey is a total ass. So fun for her all around! But she sneaks a peek at his calendar. So there.

Meanwhile, Jai is having some quality golf time with Daddy. Henry (Gregory Itzin) is unhappy with Jai for being useless in his new position so he gives him a lead on an old op called Ministry. Jai, looking exceedingly handsome in his purple polo shirt, is annoyed with Henry. But when Henry tells Jai his job may be in jeopardy unless he shapes up, he looks like he may be interested. Jai brings it to the guy who originally wrote up the mission. They hate each other (does anyone like Jai?) but they seem happy to work on this…

Joan and Joan’s MI6 bestie have dinner. She brings up the Bickrey and MI6Joan. She says she never heard of the guy and will look into it. Annie sneaks Kenneth through the Smithsonian. Ben Stiller is nowhere to be found and the displays all seem to be frozen, so that’s disappointing. Annie perks Kenneth’s interest when she spots a laser trip for the alarm. They get in the studio and Kenneth starts taking pictures and says he thinks Bickrey’s making a bomb. Unfortunately, on the way out they trip one of those lasers and get trapped behind the security bars. Annie uses her pouty face to get out of it, but Bickrey says he is suspicious of her.

Back at CIA Auggie says that the chemical Kenneth found is used to create TNT – but it’s also used to restore art, soooo not so weird that the guy has it. Joan’s just annoyed and terminates the operation, but Annie is frustrated. When Annie goes to tell Kenneth he gives her a file saying he thinks Bickrey is a guy who is for hire by terrorists. He tries to convince her, and while Annie may be convinced, she says no because of Joan.

Meanwhile, Auggie is upset about other things – Parker (Devin Kelly) is leaving for that Peace Corps mission. Things have been going really well with them, and there is a lot of sadness over her impending departure. They want to believe things can go back to the way they are now when she gets back in 2 years, but they are being realistic and saying their tearful goodbyes. Pass the tissues. Making it even worse – his form that makes it okay for him to date someone came through. Heavy sigh….

Annie goes to check on Bickrey’s shipment of The Thinker by Rodin and two of his henchman grab her and put her in the trunk of a car…. with Kenneth. He’s happy to see her. It’s very Out of Sight. While in the trunk he share this vital piece of info: this isn’t a sanctioned MI6 mission. He’s just doing this on his own. Annie shows off her skills and when the henchman stops the car in the middle of nowhere to kill them, she crawls through the back seat and drives off. She says she learned it at a YMCA course, naturally. Annie takes Kenneth to the CIA. His response to finding out she is actually a CIA op: Bugger! Love it! Joan still wants to give it over to the FBI. Kenneth, meanwhile is in a lot of trouble with MI6.

Arthur goes to see Jai about operation Ministry. Arthur had rejected it, and now that guy Jai doesn’t like has been captured because Jai put it back into motion thanks to his (father’s) ambition. But then later some guy congratulates Jai on the rescue mission. Of course, it was Arthur who took care of that. Jai doesn’t understand why Arthur did that and gave Jai the credit. He says there is no angle – it’s not always about politics. Something to think about while looking pretty, Jai.

Annie goes to see Danielle who is worried about things with Michael. But Annie has a House moment watching one of the girls play with an imaginary friend and goes to see Kenneth. They realize Bickrey is supposed to be shipping a person, not a piece of art, (like always, it’s a bit vague) and head back to the studio. A chase and a shoot out later, they trap Bickrey in those Smithsonian security gates and get away. Kenneth gets to be a field op like he always wanted and Annie gets another guy to make eyes at in other countries.

Cute episode. Loved Tony Curran and hope he is back again. Next week: The season finale which I hear is a big one for Auggie!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter: @serrae