This week’s episode of Covert Affairs marks the welcome return (as far as I’m concerned) of Israeli Mossad agent, Eyal Lavin (Oded Fehr). And you know what that means – more flirting and fighting for Annie and her mysterious frenemy.

Covert Affairs “A Girl Like You” Recap

Annie is on a date (what?) at a bluegrass club (what??) when she gets a call from one of her other frenemies. A less flirty one though. I say “less” and not “non-flirty” because if a person is male, Annie flirts with them. Anyway, this frenemy is the Fed, Vincent Rossabi (I always think they’re saying Wasabi). He has a CI that a CIA op keeps harassing, and after trying to do it the legit way, so now he wants Annie to make it stop by going to the meet instead of the CI. She calls Auggie who says no CIA op is interested in the guy, so Annie heads to the meet to find who the mystery man is…. and it’s none other than Eyal. Swoon. Flirty eyes. Cue opening credits.

They banter and flirt, but she gives him the “I’m serious” talk – stop pretending to be a CIA agent! But see, this was the plan all along. Now that she has to report back to her superiors that a Mossad agent was interested in this CI, she will be put to the task of following Eyal to find out about Jacob, the informant. And this is all so interesting even Jai comes in.. in a tux. Meanwhile, super casual Joan in a leather jacket and t-shirt says not to tell Rossabi and the Feds. Jai doesn’t like it, but Joan makes the call here.

Annie holds off Rossabi, saying she’s checking into it. But their talk is interrupted as Eyal comes up to Annie who is supposed to be spying on him. He gives her the obligatory “I told you so” and then he invites her to his car instead of following in hers. There’s more banter including him pointing out that she should be nice because he cooked for her, and who else does that? (Ummm… her Spanish chef boy toy! Duh!) She’s annoyed he lied to her the day before. They break into a house that Jacob and his girlfriend sneak away to. And Eyal promptly beats on Jacob.

Annie tries to act as mediator. Eyal just wants info on how to get in touch with a guy. But Jacob doesn’t really know much. He just leaves markers to set up meets. While Eyal and Annie wait it out after contact is made for a meet, they bond some more. These two are cute, right?? Anyway, Eyal says that he is trying to get to a Mossad op called Cardinal. When Annie tries to call it in he tosses her phone out the window. Rude. Before the fighting can continue, they head to the meet where they get ambushed and Jacob gets killed. Rossabi is first on scene – he’s not impressed.

Jai and Joan try to deal with Rossabi, but don’t exactly play nice together. Annie needs to debrief, and Eyal gets shipped back home. Joan gives Jai and firm talking to for his sass when it came to their interaction with the Feds and I give her a “you go girl” shout out that verges on embarrassing. After Annie is done, she heads to BFF, Auggie. One of the shooters at the ambush talked, so Annie is fine. But he says Eyal is in trouble. He gives her background on who The Cardinal may be and it sparks her interest. She heads to a bar she told Eyal about earlier… and guess who’s waiting for her. Brad Pitt. Just kidding, it’s Eyal. But man, that would have been a twist!

How did Eyal get out of going home? He was put on a commercial flight where the Air Marshall was a former Mossad agent. Convenient! What she figured out is that he is here to kill The Cardinal, one of the men responsible for the Golan Heights Massacre, which is what sparked Eyal to go from Med Student to Mossad Agent. His sister was also killed there. This sob story makes Annie go all sweet eyes and beg him not to do this – it’s a suicide mission.

She follows him back to his hotel room and they finally, after all the flirty and fighting, make out. And then she zip-ties him to the bed posts. Which, even though it’s to prevent him from killing the Cardinal, he still likes it because he’s kinky like that. Oh Eyal… Annie leaves him alone to make a call into Auggie in the lobby. But then she sees The Cardinal and his friends come in.

Annie runs up the stairs to try to beat them to Eyal. Jai pulls up with a team of agents. Annie gets up the stairs just in time to see the guys go into the room. Thankfully Eyal managed to get himself free and a fight ensues. The Cardinal shoots Eyal and those two run to the roof, where all good fights in a tall building wind up. We see the two point a gun at each other and shoot. When Annie gets up there she finds a bleeding Eyal and the Cardinal dead.

Jai takes the blame for killing The Cardinal because, despite his war with Joan, he, like everyone else, still loves Annie. Annie and Eyal have one of their classic non-goodbyes and I’m left counting the days until Oded Fehr is back on this show.

Meanwhile Auggie is upset that his new girl, Parker, has been assigned to Eritrea, a very dangerous area in Africa, as part of her time in the Peace Corps. For two years. But she’s not leaving for 4 months, so time for them to be lovey dovey. Auggie, still worried, goes to Joan and tells her, asking for Joan to see if she can switch the assignment. She says she will see what she can do. And then gives Auggie the “awww, you’re adorrrrable face.” In the end, Auggie decides not to write that letter, but puts in the paperwork he needs to that states he is in a relationship. So sweet.

Despite getting a little lost there in the middle, I enjoyed this episode. But like I said at the start, I love the character of Agent Eyal. It could have just been him and Annie staring at each other the whole time….  And I am liking the Auggie/Parker thing. For now. I enjoy the Auggie/Annie as BFF relationship. If it were up to me, they will be a sloooow burn, romantically speaking.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae