Here’s a collection of the best quotes that were spoken in the Covert Affairs episode “Communication Breakdown.”

COVERT AFFAIRS -- Episode 107 -- Photo by: Bruce Macaulay/USA Network

Covert Affairs “Communication Breakdown” Quotes

“It’s like Comic-Con for nerds.” – Jai
“Isn’t that just Comic-Con?” – Annie
“Oh, har.” – Auggie

“We’re gonna pay her off?” – Auggie
“We’re the only government agency who can.” – Joan

“Where did you get that, 1996?” – Annie

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“Doesn’t it strike you as odd, how many criminals can just exist here?” – Annie
“Not exist – thrive. This is the Wild West of the information age.” – Auggie

“Who’s she, your seeing eye dog?” – Natasha

“I wish I hadn’t liked that book so much.” – Auggie

“I can’t imagine they’d be too happy about you dating a Russian anarchist.” – Annie

“Dude, a blind guy works here. Don’t re-arrange the furniture!” – Auggie

“People can be turned for three reasons. Money, patriotism or love.” – Joan

“Okay, I’m your man.” – Auggie

“You sound jealous.” – Danielle

“Who was in the car, was it CIA?” – Natasha
“No, of course not. It was the Russian Mob.” – Auggie

“What do you know? You didn’t see anything.” – Natasha
“Sounded awesome.” – Auggie

“Protocol makes people predictable.” – Auggie

“Because I loved you. Don’t ask me to explain it.” – Auggie

“Was that a compliment?” – Auggie
“It was. And just for variety, here’s a threat to go with it. Don’t ever do what you did, again.” – Joan