The least pedantic way to review this episode is to  simply say that now, “I HAVE SO MANY FEELS.” Because guys? So. Many. Feels.

The several most recent episodes of Covert Affairs have been by and far the best this series has ever had. I was not expecting it to just keep getting better. But it did. And next week is the season finale, so you best believe Matt Corman and Chris Ord will have pulled out all the stops for that one.

For Auggie’s (Christopher gorham) storyline, I was confused because I thought that woudl be his season finale thing. I also though he was leaving for a while. Instead, he was there and back! At first I was groaning in my head, thinking how much I didn’t care about this side storyline. And then, somewhere, I started to get into it. Probably about the time Auggie found that kid playing soccer.

Eyal (Oded Fehr) keeps proving to be a wonderful spy… and guy… uh, spy guy! Anyway, much as I’d love Annie (Piper Perabo) and Eyal I think I know that I will always prefer Annie and Auggie. They haven’t spent a lot of time together recently, which is why next week will really have to work on selling me Auggie’s crush confession. I am pretty sure Annie will kiss him a bit (or a lot) and then decide she can’t be with him.

FAVORITE MOMENT: There’s plenty to pick from, but I’m going to have to say I enjoyed the bit early on where Annie takes off one of her heels during the chase in the morgue (hospital?) She even had a think!fast moment of pushing the door to make it seem that she had gone through, all so she could take down the guy. She did finally manage to get her ankle bootie back on once she’d fled the scene.

PRESSING QUESTIONS: I really want to know who was killed in the drone strike! Some people might say they want to know who is on the phone, but I think we can pretty much assume it was Khalid or one of his men.

TOP FASHION: Sure, some might say they loved Annie in that navy bandage dress. But hand’s down the best outfit is the one Annie wore first – the cropped black pants, boots, and white tunic. That was so stylish.

BEST QUOTE: You think that could have been the kid who talked to you?” – Downey
“I think they all coulda been.” – Auggie

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Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 15 | Covert Affairs “Quicksand” Review | Series created by Chris Ord and Matt Corman. | Photo Credit: USA Network | Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays on the USA Network.

Written by Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop. Find her on Twitter @ThisJessicaRae.