Covert Affairs last night gave us the uber suspenseful episode “No Quarter.” 

Piper Perabo as Annie Walker: A spy has to be ready for anything. Even boring gray pantsuits.

Our favorite moment of “No Quarter” involved kink and good taste in shoes. Annie (Piper Perabo) and her contact have to get out of the safe house quickly, and thinking fast on her feet, she grabs the bondage gear so they can repel (rapal? we’ve never done it!) down the dark elevator shaft.

Wearing her Louboutin’s (she should have taken them off, but walking around barefoot would get her noticed), Annie gets to the bottom only to find the elevator is moving – down on her! She crouches to the bottom, and with a sigh of relief (that we mimicked), realizes the elevator won’t completely crush her.

When you’re working for the CIA, sometimes you have to take chances. Try to employ that into your own life, if you can. I think I’ll start by taking the chance that I can hit the snooze button three times and still not be late for anything. If you were Annie, how much would you have been freaking out whilst trapped under the elevator as it moved down on you? Let’s give you a scale from one to OMGIHOPEPRAYERWORKS.

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