Is Annie Walker digging her own grave? (More importantly: do you want to join my “actionable intel” drinking game?) Here’s our Covert Affairs Season 3 episode 13 “Run” review!

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Check out the directorial credit

Christopher Gorham (who also plays Auggie Anderson) directed this episode of Covert Affairs. A lesser person might try to make some pun about how while his character can’t see, Gorham must have had to see quite a lot for his directorial vision, blah blah. Let me just say that I was a big fan of the directing in this episode before I realized who had done it. The fight scene at the end at the orchestra was especially great for the amount of energy it gave. I also wanted to point out how cool of a location that was.

annie walker

Somehow, Annie Walker always has the perfect blouse under her blazers.

The Joan of it all

One of the reasons I love Joan so much is that, right now, she’s the only person chastising Annie when she’s getting out of control. Much as I love Walker, she’s totally falling for Eyal the way she fell for Simon. Maybe it’s not a romantic bond, but it’s a bond of trust. And it’s a bond that screwed her over. Annie was way too quick to forget that Joan is who helped her out in going over to Russia. And Joan probably feels a little upset that she’s the one who got Annie in trouble, by allowing her to go. But pig-headed girl that she can be, Annie can only remember that no one from the CIA was trying to get her) out of that prison. (She doesn’t recall the warning about “disavow all knowledge” apparently.

Joan VS Arthur

Who’s ego is bigger? That’s a question for another, longer day. Luckily, it looks like Joan did confide in Arthur. Still, is it not troubling that she went to her ex before her husband?

annie walker

Annie’s her own worst enemy (Anyone remember that song by Lit?)

Being so predictable makes her so easy to be played! Of course she moved on that actionable intel (that’s the most annoying phrase in the show, and we need to make it a drinking game) that Eyal sent her. She’d move on anything, she is like a wild thing that flaps around in the wind… or… something. I kinda lost my analogy there. But she’s not someone who knows how to thinks things through. “Impulsive” is her middle name. And neither Joan nor Auggie seem to be able to temper her instincts. (Joan and Auggie both seem much more practical.) When she discovered that she had been played by Eyal and Massad, she didn’t keep it to herself. She went to Arthur, like he’d give her another medal. That is one secret she should have kept to herself. Because now she’s the reason the CIA had a failed drone strike, and she did say she’d stake her entire career on that move. (A dumb thing to say!) She needs rehab… a spy rehab.

Auggie’s storyline

I suppose he needed this ex-fiancee storyline tied up… but I felt his storyline was a bit.. weak. Near the end there was some satisfying emotional turmoil, but otherwise it seemed to fall flat. I suppose this shows he’s over his ex, and ready to move onto Annie. Annie says she’s not into Eyal, but is she at all into Auggie?

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Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode 13 | Covert Affairs “Man in the Middle” Review | This episode was written by Chris Ord and Matt Corman. | Photo Credit: Ken Woroner for USA Network | Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays on the USA Network.

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