I’ve been back and forth on this second half of season 2 of Covert Affairs. But after watching the finale I have to say, I’m (mostly) interested in seeing where the show is going with season 3.

Covert Affairs Finale 2011 Review

The Jai Wilcox Descent
Where is Jai going? Well if he has anything to say about, he’ll have Joan’s job. Jai set it up so that he was in trouble and instead of using his dad, Henry, as a way to get out of it, he instead turned in his dad as the leak. The reason? No nepotism stink on him. Meanwhile, he caused possible trouble for Arthur and Joan and if Arthur helps Joan… nepotism! I’m not thrilled with this development. I liked Jai. I like Sendhil Ramamurthy. And it oddly echoes his character’s story arc on Heroes, which is just bizarre.

The one good thing – it caused the return of Rena Sofer as Gina, Arthur’s ex-wife. She offered legal advice when Arthur started up this Links Mission that is causing all sorts of issues. I don’t really know what is going on with all that – I assume it will be made clear in Season 3. But Gina did assure Joan that Arthur totally looooves her, so that was sweet. Also, she was on Heroes. Wait… what is happening? Fingers crossed Milo Ventimiligia shows up soon.

Big Changes for Annie
I kind of loved the “case of the week” for two reasons – 1: it was pretty straight forward unlike most weeks which are convoluted and 2: it served several of purposes, as far as moving the general story forward.

Michael has cheated on Danielle (bastard… it’s Anne Dudek! No one cheats on her! She’s perfect!) so Danielle goes with Annie to Stockholm where Magnus, her childhood friend that she’s been emailing for 6 months just happens to live. Yeah…. I though that was ridiculous too, but just go with it. But when Danielle is mistaken for Annie by the bad guy (who looks like the poor man’s Michael Fassbender), causing a quick mission to go awry things get bad for Annie. Oh yeah, once again the CIA had a last minute mission in the exact town where Annie is vacationing. Again… just go with it.

So here are the three reasons this mission worked as far as the story goes:

1- It brought Annie and Danielle back together. Being in a life and death situation put things back in perspective for Danielle. She and Annie may have had their good ol’ sister fights, but in the end, Annie saved her life. And how does Danielle repay her? Letting her move back in. Hurray!

2- Annie saved her sister’s life by killing a guy. Not sure if you guys all watched Alias, but Sydney Bristow didn’t use deadly weapons for awhile at first either. It causes a tonal shift on the show, and I for one am looking forward to an Annie who’s seen and done more. Perhaps a bit more jaded… still perky Annie, but more realistic to the world.

3- Someone finally pointed out to Annie that she is in love with Auggie. Danielle said that every time they are on the phone, Annie’s voice changes. And suddenly Annie’s whole world is changed. Which leads me to…

Big Changes for Auggie
Auggie, feeling a little sad sitting in the bad ass ‘67 Vette that he bought himself right before going to Iraq, and therefore never drove, decided to head to the doctor to get an MRI. Turns out there is a possible surgery he could have to maybe get his eyesight back. But, he turns out to not be a candidate and Auggie gets sad.

He gives Annie the Vette who at this point is starting to think about the feelings she may have for Auggie. She at first seems to take the closeness as a sign, but he is leaving to go to Africa to see Parker, to tell her he loves her it seems. And Annie’s heart breaks, but he can’t see it. The worst part being how he says he can practically see Annie smiling sitting in the car, but we see the sad face she is really wearing.

She drives off down a country road as we get to listen to the sweet vocal stylings of Florence and the Machine. Aaaaand scene.

What will this mean for the future of these characters? I’m excited that Annie is back at home if only because that means more Anne Dudek. Knowing we can’t just have Annie/Auggie together all of a sudden, I’m wondering how Annie will change having these feelings come to the surface and what it will mean for the future of their friendship. Also, can we pretend this Jai thing isn’t happening until we must absolutely face it next season? That’s cool right? I’m a HUGE fan of denial.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae