Annie’s was determined and ballsy. I like this new Annie. A lot

piper perabo

COVERT AFFAIRS — “Let’s Dance” Episode # 310 –Pictured: Piper Perabo — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/USA Network)

Hey, Simon is DEAD

Listen guys, maybe I was falling asleep when I watched the last episode… but somehow I assumed that Simon was mereley ditching Annie for cover, not actually dying. How did I miss that? Anyway, that was a huge revelation for me. And that actually amped things up in so many ways…

Annie? You’re tough now

I can just hear the Covert Affairs writers pitching this storyline now, talking about how after she suffers the death of Simon she’ll finally grow balls and be tough. No, it’s not the first bad or tough thing to happen to her, but her straw has met the camel’s back. And it’s inspiring. And yes, I find it inspiring that this girl who is supposed to be a CIA agent is actually looking experienced and tough now. I am starting to believe in her. Even her movements seem more … authentic. Don’t ask me why, but Annie holding the gun to take photos of what should have been Lena in the car struck me as an incredibly strong moment. It showed restraint on her part to just take pictures, but she’d also orchestrated a lot to get that task done. And isn’t that what the CIA is really about? They have to jump through a million hoops just to make one circle tick a bit.

christopher gorham

COVERT AFFAIRS — “Let’s Dance” Episode # 310 –Pictured: Christopher Gorham as Auggie Anderson — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/USA Network)

Speaking of the evil, sneaky CIA…

Lena was not wrong when she talked about how the CIA will quickly disavow knowledge of someone to save face. I knew someone that had family in these circles and they told me that the FBI was more loyal to their people, whereas the CIA would just as soon leave you to die (or even pull the trigger on you) to make things clean. Which was a bummer when I heard it, because the CIA seemed like a viable life option to consider. (Not that I’d have ever gotten in, just saying I might have been delusional enough to try.) Back on topic, Annie has now taken a life and I’m very curious to see if she gets rewarded or if she’s punished for breaking the rule and is still on the lamb.

Auggie had a moment

I’m so amped that Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham are going to start this romantic storyline! Auggie wants to tell Annie things, important things. Face to face. LOVE things. I’m exited about that. Without Auggie, Annie would be lost. Danielle is pretty out of the picture, and Joan is only starting to step up as a non-robot in Annie’s life. (And with the rumors of favoritism, she might step back. Unless…)

piper perabo covert affairs

COVERT AFFAIRS — “Let’s Dance” Episode # 310 –Pictured: Piper Perabo as Annie Walker — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/USA Network)

Joan really did quit

Technically, she really did quit. But we have no way of knowing if she will be let go or not. Her superior (also her husband, hi Peter Gallagher!) might smooth things over and reject her request. But Joan did it almost because she knew it would be expects, I think. She has a good heart and cares a lot about her husband and his career. Is there an odd feminist thing at play? Maybe. Why does Joan have to sacrifice her job instead of him? (It was implied, I believe, that her hubby might lose his job… but if Joan takes the fall… that wouldn’t have to happen.) Or is it not about gender at all, and instead just about the fact that he’s higher up and more “into” his career than she is? I really don’t know. Joan is tough. Maybe the sexism card doesn’t come into play at all, here. Kari Matchell really knows how to flip the switch from hard to soft, which makes it so much easier for me to hate-then-love Joan as the show directs us.

Shooting Lena

Annie couldn’t have made her entrance, the way she did, and have been prepared to do anything but kill Lena. Wounding her would only make Lena run to another country. If she’d covertly gotten a picture… it may have helped until some other government agency got all annoyed at the CIA and then didn’t want to extract her. But there was no way Annie could walk out of there. I mean, you heard Arthur, they were only ever going to kill Lena. There was not going to be a trial. They’re cutthroat in the CIA, like I said! So, it was a bit of a CHEAT to have Lena reach for her gun and then make it seem so okay that Annie killed her. Why do we have to temper our heroines like this? Unnecessary. I don’t like violence at all, but when the show is about spies… I do expect to see my heroine doing what she’s gotta do as part of her job.

piper perabo covert affairs

COVERT AFFAIRS — “Let’s Dance” Episode # 310 –Pictured: Piper Perabo as Annie Walker — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/USA Network)

There’s no new episodes of Covert Affairs for a while, but I’m anxious to see what you guys think about what will happen after Annie has shot Lena. Will the CIA accept her with open arms? And is Annie tough enough for you now? And was I really the only dope who didn’t realize Simon was dead?

Covert Affairs “Let’s Dance” Season 3 Episode 10 Summer Finale Review – Photos: USA Network

Covert Affairs “Let’s Dance” Review

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