All season we have been seeing Annie trying to become a better field agent. She has been put in charge of increasingly volatile situations while trying to balance the fragile relationship with her sister. All of that comes to a head in this week’s episode of Covert Affairs.

Covert Affairs “Horse to Water” Review

Here is what I liked about this episode – Annie (Piper Perabo) was not at all a Super Spy. Not only did she misread several situations with her asset (played by Alexandra Holden who frustratingly refused to age since playing Ross’s student/girlfriend on Friends) but she practically quit the mission altogether. This mission dealt with sisters who were keeping secrets from each other. As you can imagine, it hit a bit of a sore spot for Annie considering she just had to bail on Danielle again to go work this case. A pep-talk/stern warning from Joan kept her in the game, but she never quite got over her issues. It almost cost her the mission, and her life as the bad sister was shooting at her. For some reason this not the whole “assassins in a hotel room fight” from last week was what caused Annie to decide to get special weapons training. But whatever.

I also liked that Jai is not Mr. Perfectly Together in this episode. He is finally realizing this promotion may have just been a move to keep him out of the way. He is so torn up about it he even goes to Auggie for advice. I’m not exactly sure where this whole thing is going, but the fact that it seems to be going somewhere at all gives me hope for the story. Sendhil Ramamurthy is too pretty and too good an actor to be kept in the background forever.

Overall, the episode was a bit of a wash for me though. I wasn’t as engaged as I normally am. The mission was very blah. There wasn’t a lot of Annie connecting with people. Her sudden friendship with Alexandra’s character seemed rushed and not as natural as others. She didn’t have a lot of Auggie (Christopher Gorham) time either. Although I think that is more to do with the fact that their relationship might be heading towards trouble. And while I liked that the relationship between Annie and Danielle (Anne Dudek) seems to be back on track, I was thrown to hear that Danielle was still with her husband. Weren’t they getting separated or something??

Only two more episodes of the season and I hear they are pretty intense. I hope so, because while I still enjoy the show, I want to enjoy it more.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae