Let’s just admit that Covert Affairs dragged its heels during its second season. And that was unfortunate. But season 3 has reminded me why I was such a fan of this spy series. (That is, aside from being a longtime fan of the Ian Somerhalder looking Christopher Gorham. …I think I’ve always had a thing for tall, dark, lanky guys.) The episode “Glass Spider”, praised by so many, left me feeling a bit disappointed.

“I think he’s in love with me.”

For a spy to say this, especially a newbie, it seems kind of dumb. I expected the room to roll their eyes and explain how Simon (Richard Coyle) was obviously playing her. But when she mentioned the whole “he killed his handler for me” part, there’s considerable more weight to her claim. Even I started to think Simon might really love her.

Then again… Annie’s willingness to vouch for Simon as a man of integrity (who was working on tech that was gonna disrupt government communications in the USA, no big deal?) once again made me think she was as dumb as the blonde girl in a horror movie who goes outside to investigate a strange noise. (The noise is always the serial killer. Always.) Basically, it was like Annie was the one in love with Simon. And that made me think Simon had manipulated her very well.

“I was told these missions might get dangerous.”

Annie and Auggie aren’t technically partners, they’re separate people who sometimes work as a team. But, I mean, come on. They’re basically partners. And you can really feel the dynamic portrayed by Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. They started off friendly in season one, but by now they are heavily emotionally invested in each other. You can feel Auggie’s concern for Annie at every step of the way.  They keep each other going. And I honestly don’t mind if they ever have a romance because I enjoy their friendship so much.

“You’re a man without a country.”

We learned that Simon had always known that Annie worked for the CIA. Wow.  And, as always, Annie was still super invested in getting her asset to help. I started to worry that Annie had fallen for Simon.

“We don’t have a lot of time.”

That’s why we jump off elevators at half mast! That was a cool stunt. You know what was less cool? How Annie smashed the listening device. It shows she trusts Simon more than she trusts or feels beholden to her employer! Bad move. I don’t like my girl being so soft.

“This may have started out as a mission, but it turned into something more.”

Okay, yea, she’s in love with him. Smitten like a baby kitten.

And what did she get? She got a fail in her professional life, and in her personal life.

“Amazing job today.”

And here’s a medal? Why does Annie get rewarded for disobeying orders? Actually, this was before I realized no one knew Annie had let Simon go and smashed her mic. What did they think, it just got lost and smashed by the wind? Aren’t these spies smart?

“I came for you.”

I don’t like thinking Annie is careless. I also have a hard time believing that Simon is really in love with Annie. But, she believes him and she … she agreed to leave her entire life to be with him. Which is deep, serious, life-altering love.

Song at the end of Covert Affairs “Glass Spider”

“And so it is, life goes easy on me, most of the time. I can’t take my eyes off you.” Blowers Daughter, Damien Rice cover.

The Ending

Is Annie dead? Listen, she can’t be dead. Is Simon dead? They might want to bring him back. So, who knows. What’s interesting to me is whether Lena did this as sanctioned by the CIA or not. She’d already gone to the higher up’s about her concern about what Annie was doing. So Lena may not have been being a bad guy. Then again, she had no reason to shoot her operative without giving her a chance to turn herself in. And TV Guide has it confirmed with Matt Corman and Chris Ordeaux tbat Lena (Sarah Clarke) really is the bad guy, who was also behind Jai’s death. So, okay. I did not find that a particularly clear ending, Covert Affairs! So, is Lena bad? Yes. She’s a double agent.. okay.

I didn’t find this as strong as an episode as previous ones during season 3, what did you think? I can’t root for my heroine if I think she’s sloppy and not thinking well. Much as I understand the need to humanize Annie, she’d never do well in the actual CIA. Even watered-down-for-TV spies are usually much tougher than this. I want her to kick ass again.  Hopefully going against Lena will provide her with that opportunity.

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Covert Affairs “Glass Spider” Season 3 Episode 8 premiered Tuesday September 4 at 10 pm on the USA Network. Covert Affairs returns next week with an all new episode.

Covert Affairs Season 3 Review – Piper Perabo photo from USA Network