After a stellar first episode back for the second half of the third season of Covert Affairs, things are back normal for CIA Agent Extraordinaire  Annie Walker. Hugs with BFF Auggie. Meetings with bosses Joan and Arthur. But are they really back to normal?

The clips we have for tomorrow night’s episode, “Wishful Beginnings,” suggests otherwise. 

Here are a few looks at the next episode of Covert Affairs. It seems Annie is going to have a bit of a hard time adjusting to life after the whole “Slept with a rival spy, fell in love with him, my boss killed him, tried to kill me, then I killed her, then I was imprisoned and was rescued by my flirty Mossad Agent friend, Eyal” debacle. And that seems fair, doesn’t it?


So are you excited for the next episode? I am. Mostly for Eyal who is relatively non-existent in these clips. I feel more because it will reveal too much than because he isn’t really in the episode. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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