For every cycle of America’s Next Top Model, the finalists get a chance to be a CoverGirl. Rarely is the product they’re promoting ever one to be so excited about. Inside, Jessica Rae explains why this time was different.

lisa damato cover girl

It’s no secret that I love ANTM, or that I love makeup. Television and style (beauty included) are the two topics I write about. So, I’m always curious about what CoverGirl product the models are promoting on ANTM, but am very rarely moved to actually purchase the product. Even a confident and typically gorgeous Drew Barrymore is hard pressed to sell me when they style her so awkwardly in a campaign, or personal reviews online all bash the product. (Such was the case with the CoverGirl Smokey Shadow Blast products.)

I was hopeful about the Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast (yes, the name is way too similar to the previous product) shadows when I heard they had primer built into the formula. One thing I learned several years ago is that the only way to keep your eyeshadow from creasing is to use primer. When you’re a teenager someone should teach you three things: how to say “no”, how to use a tampon without being afraid of it, and to always use primer under your eyeshadow. (I’m kidding, mostly. Those are three good things for young girls to know!)


The CoverGirl Intense Shadow Blast Colors are:

  • Platinum Pop
  • Beige Blaze
  • Forever Pink
  • Extreme Green
  • Brown Bling
  • Blue Bomb

But no black for the ultimate in smokey eyes? Don’t worry, you guys can layer black over the Platinum, Beige, or even the Blue.

Which ANTM All Stars CoverGirl Photo Do You Like Best? – Allison Harvard in Blue Bomb won our Poll.

Listen, let’s get to the nitty gritty. I bought four of these. And I’m head-over-heels super crazy-in-love about them. My only complaint is that they don’t make more shades.

covergirl intense shadow blast review

I bought the brown, the beige (cream), the green and the blue. You can wear these alone. You can wear these to layer color over (such as a green over the green) or to layer a totally different color over (using the cream as a cheap primer base and then putting on a completly different shadow color.) They work as shadows or as a primer. They are pigmented and apply easily. They don’t feel heavy on your eyes (they apply like a cream and dry to a powder) or goopy – they’re light and airy. They make a huge impact. When you wear this, it looks the way you wish your makeup would always look. Often, you spend 20 minutes on your eye makeup and your eyeshadow looks like it’s hardly there, even with primer. Here, you don’t have that problem.

covergirl intense shadow blast colors

The brown is very easy to wear. You can wear it in your crease, swiped under as eyeliner, or covering your entire lid.If you like Clinique girl-next-door eyes, you can wear this brown easily.

angelea preston cover girl

The blue is soft, and can be made softer if you layer a white shadow over it. My only issue is that blue eyeshadows look bad on most people. Allison Harvard is wearing Blue Bomb in her CoverGirl photo from America’s Next Top Model, and she did win the Small Screen Scoop poll for best picture but I suspect people just love Allison in general, not especially that picture. If you have blue eyes, they say blue eyeshadow looks good on you. So you may want to try that.

Angelea Preston wore Forever Pink. Pink is another tough color to wear on your eyes because it can make you look like you have pink eye. Just make sure to include some shimmer when you wear pink eyeshadow.

All Stars winner Lisa D’Amato wore Extreme Green and I think it shows that this is not quite as extreme as it sounds, and it’s a gorgeous color. Green eyeshadows look especially great on people with brown or hazel eyes.

The green I haven’t tried yet, but it’s like a shimmery wash of color. It’s not scary. But if you want more impact you can certainly use that to create something more dramatic.

The cream is perfect as a highlighter or base primer.

allison harvard cover girlThe applicator is the perfect width, and lets you apply the product smoothly like a dream.

The formula here is genius. I can’t speak highly enough about it. (And in case I haven’t mentioned, I did not receive these free to review. I paid for them on my own.) It reminds me of what I wanted the Makeup For Ever Aqua Cream ($20) to be, but wasn’t.

I will likely repurchase Brown Bling and Beige Blaze several more times. I’m also interested in trying Platinum Pop and Forever Pink. Extreme Green is another repurchase, but Blue Bomb may not be for me. (Update: I saw Drew Barrymore styled in the blue with lots of gold jewelry, and that does make me want to reconsider. Blue and Orange aka Gold are opposites on the color wheel and always compliment each other.)

You can purchase CoverGirl Intense Shadow Blast at drugstores, Targets, Amazon and other places for about $7.99.