Courtney seemed like she was lying when she said she had missed Ben, but that’s what she said. And they took off for their big day. She said she had a fear of him sending him home, but in the meantime they were going to explore the town via train.

the bachelor 2012 courtney

She was practically using subliminal psychology in repeating phrases like, “you and I, me and you, us.” Dwight Schrute used that kind of logic on The Office last week!

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After seeing some goats and getting some cheese, they had a picnic near some cows. They played an odd game of “Hey Cow” and Courtney lost. Also funny was how bright and sunny it was, and Courtney kept shading her eyes. If you were comfortable on the date you’d just tell him you wanted to face the other way and cuddle next to him.

Ben confronted Courtney about being a bit mean at times. “It’s pretty messed up, I will say that. … I don’t really wanna talk about it.” Things were tense.

“I’m disappointed in how I was,” Courtney said to the camera. “I just hope the damage I caused the other girls doesn’t make me lose him.”

She told Ben she has trust issues with men and women. She also blamed jealousy. Somehow, she turned it around and Ben gave her the couples key. Of course she accepted, as all the other women did.

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