In Gossip Girl season 1, when Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) was at her worst, she was still sweeter than Reality TV face Courtney Kerr is on Most Eligible Dallas. Ironically, Kerr has noted Blake Lively as a fashion inspiration. Too bad it’s Neill Skylar that is the Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) of the show!

As you can tell, you will not find a whole lot of love for Courtney Kerr online, or in my heart. In the first episode of Most Eligible Dallas (Bravo) I really wanted to like her. Brunettes unite against the blondes, you know? (“She’s a blonde. Don’t you know there’s a war going on?” – 30 Rock, Que Sorpresa) Except, Neill Skylar seems to be the sweetest and most sane girl on the show. So, despite Kerr’s cute wardrobe, and her hopeless romantic ways (they’re always a mix of  adorable/psychopathic and slightly understandable) – I’d mostly like to shove her into a sewer. A big sewer. One with alligators and junk! (I know, I’m really well informed about sewers!)

About Courtney Kerr

She’s 29 and from Fort Worth, Texas. She believes in traditional Southern values, and longs for a fairytale wedding that is followed by the birth of some perfect babies. She is in love with her best friend Matt Nordgren, but he does not reciprocate the same feelings. She’s very into fashion and labels and society. She’s threatened by other women in Matt’s life, and nothing stops her from trying to scare them off. She also has appeared in many episodes of Most Eligible Dallas as a bit of a lush who is drinking too much. She comes across as a fake, petty, jealous girl.

Courtney Kerr’s Bedroom

That’s right, you go on reality TV and you’d better believe that someone is gonna comment on your bedroom! Despite her nice clothing style, her bedroom has orange walls and a wall sticker of a black chandelier. (Studio Ten 25 also noted that her bedroom is strangely devoid of style.)

Is Neill Skylar the Serena van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) of Most Eligible Dallas?

Most Eligible Dallas – Courtney and Matt

She is his safety choice. It’s … yea, it’s that simple. He’s not in love with her. But he enjoys making her jealous. Matt isn’t all that much of a sweetheart. And Courtney is self-involved. They’re perfect for each other. But only because I wouldn’t wish them on anyone else.

Courtney Most Eligible Dallas Job

She is a manager of a Sunglass Hut, according to the Dallas blog Oh So Cynthia. Kerr brags about her job on the show, telling viewers, “Give me a face and I will give you a pair of sunglasses.” She also said, “My sunglass store grosses over a million dollars a year.”

Courtney Most Eligible Dallas Hair

Why do people care about her hair? It’s big, but not nearly as big as you’d expect for it to be mocked. She tends to wear it poofed up a bit and then knotted in a bun at the nape of her neck.

Most Eligible Dallas Courtney Kerr Tattoo

This girl next door has a tattoo, it’s true. And it’s allegedly of Marilyn Monroe.

Courtney Kerr Jewelry

She’s worn a super cute owl ring, which you can see in a photo below.

courtney kerr most eligible dallas hair


The vintage Chanel was great, but this particular dress looked like muslin that was draped sloppily around her. What did you guys think of this dress?