Wondering if Courtney Kerr and Stefan Dahlkvist are dating? Then we’ve got to talk.

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Courtney Kerr decides she’ll go on a master date with Stefan. Photo: BRAVO

Courtney Kerr (Most ‘Eligible Dallas’, ‘Courtney Loves Dallas’) was recently on another BRAVO show, ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’

Kerr has provided her readers with a detailed account of what she wore on the show. Which you might think is silly, except I found myself wondering about a certain opaque, lavender nail polish that she was wearing… so, ultimately, it’s helpful for all of her fashion fans. (Except, of course, she never mentions the polish, argh!) And, even though she’s working with Bauble Bar, I’m kind of annoyed almost all of the jewelry was from them. That’s like reading a catalog, and fashion blogs are supposed to be about mixing in a variety of things every day. When every outfit has one item from a certain store, it starts feeling pretty forced and fake to me.

The show ended with both Courtney and Stefan wanting to go on a second date. Patti Stanger was excited for them. And she didn’t even chide Stefan for deciding their second date would be a week-long adventure in Norway. (Cause that’s such a normal second date.) But on Kerr’s blog she wrote, “(Oh, and in case you are wondering, Stefan and I never made it to Norway for a second date!)” So, that solves that.

I’m curious about how coached Kerr was about how Stefan was going to pick her, as typically Stanger announces who the millionaire’s have picked and this ONE TIME ONLY, she had them both announce on their own while acting totally surprised. I’m also wondering if Kerr got to pick another date from the guys she met – as that British gentleman seemed perfect for her. Otherwise, she missed out by going on a date with a rebellious dude in a pink limo.

(And Patti should have TOTALLY been told how Stefan wanted to break the drinking rule, because then maybe we’d have had more fun drama this time.)

REACT: Do you think Courtney liked Stefan at all? What do you think about the advice Patti gave Courtney about letting the guy be the man on a date?