This week, Cougar Town returns after a loooong hiatus (10 weeks!!), so before it comes back I thought I would help everyone catch up, just in case you weren’t watching before. Why weren’t you watching, by the way? It’s hysterical. Just ask Abed on Community.

The Cul-de-Sac Crew

Jules Cobb (Courtney Cox): The center of the crew (often by force), Jules is the glue that holds this group together. She is a realtor. She is slightly obsessive, which as anyone who watched her play Monica Gellar for 10 years knows, is a personality trait Cox has mastered. Jules loves her friends and family fiercely, and isn’t afraid to share, even if it freaks them out a bit. Oh, and she loves wine. A lot.

Travis Cobb (Dan Byrd): Jules’ son. Currently in his first year of college – but only twenty minutes away, so he still “gets to (read: is forced to) participate in the Cul-de-Sac Crew’s shenanigans. Has an older girlfriend, Kirsten (Colette Wolfe), who has also become a member of the crew after a shaky start. He is target of much of Jules’ obsessions. He is often the only voice of reason among the adults.

Grayson Ellis (Josh Hopkins): Jules’ neighbor and boyfriend. Their relationship started off flirty/antagonistic, but took a turn in season one and are now a fully-fledged couple. “I Love Yous” and all. Owns a bar where the crew often hangs out. He plays the guitar a lot and likes to make up silly songs such as “Confident in my Sexuality.” He has tiny eyes.

Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt): Jules’ ex-husband. A recovering loser. Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but has a lot of heart. Still holds a torch for Jules, but is happy that she is happy with Grayson. He works as a golf pro at the club. Drives a golf cart and lives on a boat. In a parking lot. Invented Penny Can. (We’ll get there)

Ellie Torres (Christa Miller): Jules’ long time best friend and next door neighbor. She stays at home with her son, Stan. While she isn’t being a mom she is busy judging others. Did you watch Scrubs? Because Ellie is quite similar to the character she played on that show – Jordan. She pretends to be hateful, but is actually fiercely protective of the crew, especially Jules. Also loves wine.

Andy Torres (Ian Gomez): Ellie’s faithful husband. Is a very put-together and smart man, and yet his life goal is to be Bobby Cobb. He may be married to Ellie, whom he loves and fears equally, but his soul mate is Bobby. He is a fantastic father to Stan.

Laurie Keller (Busy Phillips): Jules’ other best friend. Best Frenemy with Ellie. Works for Jules. Is a bit of a party girl, but trying to have less drama. Was dating a guy named Smith (Ryan Deviln) but she was a bit much for him. (Also, he went to go romance Calista Flockhart on Brothers & Sisters) Has a flirtation going with Travis, much to his girlfriend’s dismay. Wears fabulous clothes.

Barb Coman (Carolyn Hennesy): Not a member of the crew. Also a real estate agent. She is the definition of “cougar.” Randomly pops up to tell a horrified Jules of her sexual escapades.

Tom (Bob Clendenin): REALLY wants to be part of the Cul-de-Sac crew. Lives on the street, but is very very creepy. Is in love with Jules.


Penny Can: Simple game. Put a can across the room, parking lot, whatever. Stand back and throw pennies. When you get it in the can yell, “Penny Can!”  Best. Game. Ever.

Big Joe: A very large wine glass that was Jules’ pride and joy. Held an entire bottle of wine. Was broken by Kristen during the first time she met Jules. RIP Big Joe.

Big Carl: Big Joe’s replacement.

Truth Guns: When you want someone to tell you the truth, you make a gun with your fingers, point it at them and yell “truth gun.” They must tell you the truth. This is not to be confused with Jules’ awkard finger guns that come out when she is nervous.

Morning Wine: Exactly what it sounds like.

Movie Mashup Game: Describe the plots of two movies whose titles can be combines. For example- Description: Zombies at a prep school. Answer: Night of the Living Dead Poet Society. Jules is AWFUL at this game.

I hope you all start watching. I think it is very much like Bill Lawrence’s previous TV outing, Scrubs. At times it is unapologetically  ridiculous, but ultimately it is a show with a lot of heart. And wine. Like copious amounts of wine.

Check out the first episode back Monday at 9:30pm on ABC after Dancing With the Stars and then be sure to catch it on it’s regular night – Wednesdays at 9:30pm after the also hilarious Modern Family.

Written by Melissa Miller

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