COUGAR TOWN IS BACK!!!!! (Ahem.) We at Small Screen Scoop are be excited. I, personally, also may have had a lot of wine in celebration. So let’s get this recap started. We have a new penny can rule!

cougar town

Instead of a huge recap for each episode, I’m just going to give the basics and my favorite quotes.


Title Card: We’re Back! Cougar Town (Hi Dance Fans, please still be there….)

Jules and Bobby dig up a time capsule they made for Travis when he was little. One of the items inside is a Teddy Ruxpin. That’s not the important item though. The important item is grandma’s engagement ring which Travis plans on using to propose to his girlfriend Kirsten who just got a job offer in Chicago. Jules wants to stop him from making what she thinks is a huge mistake but with more than a little help from her friends, she realizes that she needs to let Travis make his own decisions, especially if she wants to keep him in her life. Laurie and Bobby market Penny Can (and make a lot of money doing it). Grayson learns that “being real” with friends isn’t always the best way to go and sometimes you just have to let them have their dreams. Even if the dreams may be delusions.

Favorite quotes:

ELLIE: Why is she stirring the sauce outside?

JULES: Name one thing I’ve done to Travis that is ‘meddlesome’!
BOBBY: Watched him while he slept.
ELLIE: You scare his girlfriend away.
LAURIE: You want to live in his blood.

LAURIE: Find me a gay dude who doesn’t love cake.

LAURIE: If anyone would like to buy their own Penny Can, we have them for sale. One for $19.95, two for $50!

Other fun stuff:

-The no-no dance

-New Penny Can rule: in-n-out means you get a “‘stache attack”

-Kick ass is no longer a good thing

-Ghost truck

-The Penny Can commercial

Baby’s a Rock n’ Roller

Title Card: Welcome to Cul-de-Sac Crew (nah) Cougar City (lame) Cougar Town (sticking with it).

Ellie gets upset that no one thinks her life as a mom is hard because she has a nanny and Andy is a good father. To prove how easy it is, Jules (and Grayson, though he doesn’t know it) offers to babysit, but of course fails miserably (as in Stan locks himself in a pantry with knives, 20 bottles of wine and mini blow torch), and Ellie has to come and bail her out (offers Stan goldfish crackers). But Jules and Grayson stick it out. He says he wants to because…. he wants a kid. (At which point Jules freaks out) Laurie is upset because she realizes she hasn’t been with anyone since Smith. She decides to hit the club with with Andy as her wingman, natch, but when she gets there she isn’t having any fun. Andy points out that she was in love with Smith, so now all the one-nighters aren’t going to compare. But she still has a one-nighter anyway and feels better. Bobby gets the country club he works for to let him practice on the course if he gets there before 6am. But Bobby can’t manage to wake-up on time, no matter how many alarms he sets. Until Travis helps him.

Cougar Town Season 2 Quotes:

LAURIE: I need a wingman. But it can’t be my friend Tina. She’s super pregnant and doesn’t want to have another baby in a club.

GRAYSON (to himself, in the mirror): You look good white playboy. Yeah, I know this.

LAURIE: It had all of my favorite things. Sticky floors, shiny shirts, weird rich Russian dudes who say things like, ‘you want to make dance with me?’

ANDY: So you’re done going to crappy clubs and hoping into bed with guys. It means you’re growing up. Plus it reduces the odds of you bring randomly murdered by, like, half.

Other fun stuff:

-Pounding Grapes

-The magic sound barrier in the wine bar

-hamburger snooze

-Laurie considers the walk of shame to be the walk of awesome

-Jules wake-up questions

– We can really do it bowl

– I was right steak

– Jury duty drunk

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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