Being in on the joke is half the fun. We all know that the Cougar Town title cards are one of the best things about the TBS series.

cougar town title cards

What’s your favorite title card from Cougar Town?

The title of the series isn’t one that the creators Bill Lawrence or Kevin Biegel were ever wild about. And, early on in season 1 of the series, the show found its niche… and it suddenly had nothing to do with cougars anymore. As Courteney Cox told Huffington Post, “It’s about friends who are like family and like to drink a lot of wine around a kitchen counter.”

Starting in season 2, little captions were added to the title cards.

Some of the memorable Cougar Town title cards in list form:

Badly Titled
Not what the show is
Your name isn’t that great either
Regretfully, we give you…
All I Want For Christmas is a New Title
I didn’t know it was still on either. – Abed
Starting to own it
Cougartown Abby
No it’s not just Scrubs in Florida with lots of wine…
Do we have to do this forever?
Courteney Cox’s boobs at 06:33
This is not the Simpsons chalkboard bit…
It’s okay to watch a show called…
Titles are hard
Asking the tough questions about sex robots
…Are we still on TV?
John Hughes is a God
100% Cougar free

Cougar Town was thankfully renewed by TBS for season 5. The 13-episode season will begin in 2014.