Last season the fate of one of my favorite shows, Cougar Town, seemed not so great. Ratings were down and ABC was anything but kind to the show when it came to promotion and scheduling. But then, a miracle.

Cougar Town Season 4

This wonderful cast (and the excellent crew) were given the opportunity to keep giving us the funnies by the fine people at TBS. And today, they provided us with a new promo, just in case you hadn’t heard of the show yet.

This ad is a brief, albeit incredibly confusing, explanation of the premise of the series. Jules has to explain Cougar Town to the new viewers before the lovely Laurie can pound some grapes in that classy way she does. Check out how Jules did…



Get it? No? I didn’t think so, but the point is, the show is funny and you should watch it! Please let it live for a long time to come on the wonderfully glorious station that is TBS. (Yes, I’m blatantly kissing butt. I’m very thankful, okay?)

Cougar Town premieres Tuesday, January 8, 2013. 95 days and counting!

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Video courtesy of TBS