Cougar Town is back after an unexpected hiatus in the name of that show with the dancing and the so-called stars.

cougar town season 3

Now we finally get to see some of the aftermath that comes when the shock of Daddy!Grayson wears off in the episode “You Can Still Change Your Mind.” The title is a bit foreboding. How will the Cul de Sac Crew react to this new baby in the group? Will Jules keep her cool… or you know, as cool as she would normally be? Pour yourself a Big Carl and let’s find out what happened.

Title Card:

Seriously we spend more time coming up with these title cards than we do writing the show.
Cougar Town

(I was hoping they would do one like this. I keep thinking it has got to be annoying coming up with these clever things every week, now that they started it!)

What Happened:

Tampa aka Jill (it’s her middle name and Grayson insists on using that instead) is still adorable. But she has caused Grayson to baby-proof the house, which means Jules can’t get to her cork screw. Her answer is to break the bottle, natch. That damn baby can’t keep us all from getting to what’s important – the booze. Clink!

Meanwhile Andy & Ellie and Bobby & Angie are learning to be a foursome. Angie discovers that Bobby and Andy are, um, in love. And Ellie and Angie get to know each other. It’s all very fun. They have a makeout party to celebrate. Is that what the not-kids are doing now?

Grayson and Jules are looking for a wedding photographer. Travis (now helmetless!), loving his photography, shows off his portfolio. It is disturbing. Like “picture of severed toe” disturbing. Funny to find out that Travis is that kid. I mean we knew he was quite strange, but wow. Jules pretends to love it, but a quick game of Truth Guns reveals she doesn’t. That makes it awkward when he says he wants to be their wedding photographer.

Also revealed: the contents of Jules’s unused drawer which has been stuck shut for years. Grayson pried it open so he could put a child lock on it. That is some mighty fine logic you’ve got going on there Mr. Ellis. Inside the drawer: a Simon game, A “Bo Knows” t-shirt, a belly chain, some pore-strips and an unfortunate pair of pants that Bobby wears.

While he is wearing those pants and taking a walk with Andy, they celebrate the wonder of their new foursome. But that is interrupted by seeing Angie making out with some other guy! What?! To be fair, as soon as Angie had seen Bobby in those pants, she very well may have dumped him. Because, yikes.

Jules has horrible wedding pictures from her marriage to Bobby (shocker, given the white-trash feel of the whole thing) so she wants great ones with Grayson. But Grayson has great pics from his first marriage, and Travis isn’t his kid, so he isn’t as worried about this whole thing. Not helping either, Grayson still has pic from his first marriage and honeymoon. Weird. Right? Right.

Angie told Bobby that she didn’t think they were exclusive. This is the go to when one half of a new couple is caught making out with someone else, yeah? Bobby says this makes him understand how Jules felt when he cheated on her. Not exactly the same thing, Bobby, but the thought it snice. Angie, who I still like, if we are being honest, also tells Jules that Travis is super talented but he’ll live the life of a starving artist.

Back at Jules’s house Laurie has gotten sucked into the Simon game, which Ellie feels proves Laurie’s stupidity. Shhh Ellie. That game is hard. Or not so hard, as it seems, because Ellie beats it. Laurie gets really upset when she realizes that Ellie actually thinks she is dumb and isn’t just teasing her all the time. But because of that sadness we get one of my favorite things on this show: a genuine moment between Ellie and her Jellybean, Laurie. (We find out jellybean is her nickname because when Jules hired Laurie, Ellie bet Jules she could convince Laurie that jellybeans were worth more than money. Cruel. But funny) Ellie tells Laurie they are all dumb at something. For Ellie- it’s math. Adorbs.

When Jules starts to worry about Travis’s future, she tells him that he can’t take the pictures and it is super sad. (Where is Laurie to cheer him up? Probably still playing Simon.) But Angie eventually convinces her that his talent is what matters, struggle or not, so Jules tells Travis he can take the pictures and to celebrate they hit sharks on his green screen. Yeah… I don’t get it either.

As for Bobby- he and Angie break up after one last romp because she just wants to have fun (rumor has it, that’s what girls want to do…) and Bobby wants something more. I don’t know who is more heartbroken – Bobby at losing his girl, or me at losing Sarah Chalke. I say me. I really like her.

Another week, another solid Cougar Town. Now give me that next season, ABC.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter. @serrae