Grayson is a new dad and as to be expected, that brings quite a bit of funny in Cougar Town, “You Can Still Change Your Mind.” Here are a few of our favorite quotes….

Jules: Sometimes I do feel…a little….what is it?
Ellie: You’re not crazy about the ditzy, trashy, fake-blonde, fake-tanned, fake-boobed, club skank you one-night-standed to make that baby.

And these sums up the conundrum of Tampa/Jill. She is adorable and provides Grayson with that baby Jules didn’t want to have. But she is also a reminder of Grayson’s man-whore ways prior to his relationship with Jules. Oh, and it was a one-afternon-standed, btw.

Jules Cobb Quotes: You know, Fleetwood Mac married Stevie Nicks.
Ellie Torres Quotes: I don’t think so.
Jules: Well, it’s true.

Because Jules is just that dumb sometimes. I love her.

Jules: *rips a pore strip off Grayson’s nose*
Grayson: Ouch! What? You’re not going to let me see it? That’s the best part!

Gross…. but true?

COUGAR TOWN season 3 review – “You Can Still Change Your Mind”

Jules: Grayson baby-proofed my trash can. I have a house full of things I can’t open. Including my toilet. I had to tee-tee in the yard.
Ellie: Why wouldn’t you just go in the shower?
Jules: Gross!

Oh to be in the mind of Jules Cobb. Seriously…. what is going on in there? Girl is nuts.

Jules Cobb Quotes: This is probably the last chance I’ll have for great wedding photos.
Grayson: Probably?

Just because Grayson and I said it in unison.

GLEE Quotes season 3 – top 15 from “Big Brother”

Andy: So she found your weak spot?
Bobby: If that means my ding-dong, then yeah.

I…. I got nothing. But laughter. Lots o’ laughter.

Jules Cobb Quotes: It’s gotta be your struggle. Not mine. I’m not going to give you money whenever you need it.
Travis Cobb Quotes: Yes you will.
Jules: Yes I will. We should probably open a joint bank account.

Jules is simultaneously the best and worst mother ever. I love her for it.

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