Every week I find a new reason to love Cougar Town.

This season alone it’s been as varied as a green screen in a bachelor pad, Andy playing Bravehart and discovering the reason why Ellie is the way she is. In “Money Becomes King” it was all summed up in the truly brilliant cold open. The entire bar sings “Twinkle Little Star” in order to get Tampa Jill to go to sleep. Laurie does motions. Both Jill and Bobby fall asleep. And then they all cheer waking up the baby. “We’re dumb,” Jules says. “And I love it.” I respond to the TV. Perhaps I shouldn’t have started my Big Carl so early…

Title Card:

She’s marrying a man her own age so why is it called
Cougar Town

(Excellent question!)

What Happened

Therapy time!! The hysterical Nicole Sullivan was back this week as Dr. Mettler, Jules’s therapist. In what comes as a shock to no one, whenever someone upsets Jules with their actions, she takes them to therapy. For instance, Ellie has a bit of a habit where she yells out “In your face!” before Jules can. So now they are in therapy for Ellie’s Thunder-Stealing issues. This of course makes me think of when Monica was really mad at Rachel and Ross for making out in the hall before her engagement party. Poor Courteney Cox – everyone is always stealing her thunder.

But that is not the only reason she is seeking the wise advice of Dr. Mettler. Grayson says the phrase “our money” in reference to Jules and Grayson helping out if Jill needs it in anyway in the future. Jules isn’t sure if she wants to help out “Grayson’s mistake” aka “his whoopsie” aka Jill monetarily. Then Ellie points out that if they do combine finances Jules can benefit from it too (Grayson is doing okay monetarily!) so Jules is suddenly okay with the idea.

Here is where this storyline really works – their financial status forces this couple to face a cold, hard truth. When they get married they are going to… wait for it…. live together. In the same house. And financially it would help if one of them sold their house. As you may have noticed, these two are both fairly stubborn so neither want to give up theirs. The therapist kind of goes a little nuts and tells them to just let it fester as a joke. Of course, Jules and Grayson go with that plan and don’t make a decision. Instead, Jules decides she is going to fire Jules…. But don’t worry, I bet in a couple paragraphs you’ll discover that will all work out.

Laurie makes some big movies in her Krazy Kakes business venture. She is overwhelmed working for Jules and trying to fill her cake orders. Her solution? No, not quitting her job with Jules. Her idea is to get the entire coffee shop to help her by placing orders, answering phones and making deliveries. However Travis, who can’t believe this is happening, keeps her grounded by making her get her own latte.

Naturally, these people have actual lives. Of their own. When they all leave, she got sad face, and Travis gives her good advice and tells her to go all in and to quit working at the real estate office and open her own business. So Jules fires Laurie as Laurie simultaneously quits. And to make matters even better, Laurie doesn’t need to go and find a new space for her cake shop. The real estate office is huge, so they section off a piece for Laurie! It all works out in the end! Yay sitcoms!

As for the C storyline. Sure, it didn’t offer any of the emotional growth of the other two, but it was still fun. Ellie gives Andy a hard time about never pulling pranks on Bobby. So he finally does – he says a water bottle is self-generating and then when Bobby uses it the first time, Andy fills it with water when Bobby isn’t looking. Of course it all goes awry when Bobby goes to hike some crazy shadeless trail and nearly dies of dehydration. But they are lovers, as Ellie points out to the park ranger, and Bobby thinks it’s funny.

One thing I’d like to point out – this started because Andy used Stan to scare Ellie. Ellie decides she is going to get back at Stan by scaring him and buys a demon mask to either scare him with while he sleeps or grab him and run into the woods. Andy finds it horrifying, I find it hysterical. I bet you all feel a little sorry for my children right about now, don’t you? Of course, my kids would probably be like Stan and just say the mask is like mommy without her makeup. Kids… they are evil little monsters.

I’m not sure how a show as ridiculous as this one is manages to pack an emotional punch even in an episode like this one where very little really happens. I probably shoudn’t be surprised since Bill Lawrence did it weekly on Scrubs. Either way, another week, another laughter filled episode. And there was even some quality Travis and Laurie moments. Happy day!!! Now I want a cupcake.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae