Last night on the Cougar Town finale, “My Life/Your World,” the opening credits said “I hope this is not the series finale.” How great was it to yell at the screen, “It’s not! Thank you TBS!!” What? You all didn’t yell that too? Strange.

cougar townBefore we get the the perfect (which 90% of it was) can I just discuss what I didn’t love – the Ellie (Christa Miller), Andy (Ian Gomez), Daniel (guest star David Arquette) story line. At first, I thought it was funny how Ellie had a crush on Daniel, the concierge at the hotel in Napa, but somewhere along the way it went from “funny Ellie” to “completely inappropriate Ellie.” I love that Ellie is a bitch and can treat Andy like crap (that sounds awful when I type it out like that, but I assume you know what I mean), but this story seemed to forget that even when she does treat him like crap, she loves him. It sort of lost a good portion of that “Bill Lawrence heart” and I’m hoping we kind of just forget it all happened when we come back next season on TBS. (YAY)

Something I hope that is not forgotten at all – LAURIE AND TRAVIS. Oh you guys, that was wonderful and painful and just super sweet. And also embarrassing to watch. But I watch Girls on HBO, so that was like nothing to me on the “insanely awkward to watch” scale. But as awkward as it was, and I will admit, I did cringe, it was also awesome because finally, finally, Laurie (Busy Phillips) seems to start to realize maybe there is something there with Travis (Dan Byrd). I’m not expecting the show to come back and *boom* they are a couple – she does still have her army boyfriend, Wade, after all. But it looks like maybe there will be some movement. And that’s all I ask. Because they are perfect together and I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. So there. (I’m crossing my arms, and stomping my foot for emphasis.)

Last, let’s talk about the perfection that is Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) and their wedding. In order to try to escape the madness that is Jules’s crazy Cul de Sac Crew, they decide to elope to Napa. But, naturally, the crew comes with. I will admit for a smidge of a second I was nervous that Grayson was going to be a d-bag about it. But no, he knows marrying Jules means marrying Bobby (Brian Van Holt), Ellie, Travis, Andy, Laurie, Chick (Ken Jenkins) and even Tom (Bob Clendenin). Still, they decide not to elope in Napa. Instead they do something a million times better – they get married in a moving wedding ceremony on the beach. It is beautiful and simple and, well, perfect. Chick performed the ceremony, Travis took the pictures, Stan ran over with the rings and Jules and Grayson rode off on Chick’s horse into the sunset while the rest of the crew dealt with the cops (one of which was played by creator, Bill Lawrence).

Had this been the series finale (my heart stops just thinking about it), it would have been a lovely end. But thank goodness it isn’t, because there are still plenty of stories to tell with this crew. And until Bobby finds a girl and gets married too, I don’t think I’ll really be happy.

Other random fun stuff:
-Penny Can almost died! Oh the horror! But turning it into a father/son game changed it. Whew.
-Jules not understanding Groundhog Day was hysterical. And, frankly, at least a little understandable, right? Why DID he always forget the puddle?
-Playing Groundhog Day with Jules was even better. I want someone to do that with me.
-The real life twist of creator Bill Lawrence’s wife, Christa Miller, having a crush on Courteney Cox’s ex husband, David Arquette was meta and weird and just plain kooky.

See you next year on TBS, Cul de Sac Crew!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae