With the season being put on an indefinite hold, Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence did something that seems almost shocking in this current social media climate – he basically spoiled the entire season before it even premiered. And just in case you hadn’t read a bunch of the spoilers or seen his videos, well, the description given to the cable/satellite companies for this week’s episode, “Something Big” revealed the titular something big. Sooo… spoiler alert!

Title Card:

You know what would be cooler than this title card bit?
A new title.

Cougar Town.

What Happened:

Jules gives Grayson a hard time that he was a bit of a slut before they got together. When she calls out his name on the street, it immediately attracts a woman, Holly, he used to hook-up with. Classy. Also classy: the box of stuff that was left behind from all Grayson’s one-night stands. Including Laurie’s bra. Did you forget they had a one-night stand? That’s cool. So did Laurie. Anyway, Jules wants to enter into the marriage baggage free, so she demands they go see a marriage counselor, Dr. Metler, played by the hysterical Nicole Sullivan.

After their session, which they thought went well, the happy couple decide the best plan would be to look through Dr. Metler’s notebook. Which Grayson stole. Much to Jules’s delight. Wow. Anyway, Dr. Metler thinks they are compatible and will be just fine and not two seconds after the high five it out for being baggage free does Holly walk into the bar. With a kid. That’s Grayson’s. Surprise! Grayson comes with a whole mess of baggage!

But wait there is more! Holly’s good friend is Laurie! And she is the baby’s Godmother. And that baby’s name is Tampa! Oh happy day for me! And Ellie, who is glowing in delight. Now knowing that Holly is friends with Laurie, Jules asks if Holly was sleeping with other guys at the same time. Holly says yes, or to be more accurate, “hell yes” puntuated with a high five. So Jules suggests a paternity test.

Assuming that the test is going to come out negative, Grayson and Jules practice which Maury Povich “I’m not the father” dances they are going to do. Seriously, sometimes this show is such perfection, I don’t even know what to say about it. Because I would do that. But Grayson is the father, so no Maury dances. Just Jules having an anger fit and breaking wine glasses. Time to break out Big Carl while Grayson worries if this is a deal breaker. Jules isn’t sure. (Again – if you’ve been following Bill Lawrence, I bet you know the answer to this question!)

So back to therapy Jules and Grayson go. Or actually, Andy in place for Grayson so Jules can prepare. And as fake Grayson, Andy makes a good point – Jules knows Grayson always wanted this, and now she’s making it so he can’t even be happy. And as Ellie points out – now he gets his baby without her ovaries doing the work, and hey, Jules already has a kid too! So Jules goes and gets Tampa and tells Grayson that they are a family now. And they introduce Tampa to the rest of the family. I’m so happy for this show because this could have so easily been a jump the shark moment, but I thought it was simple and lovely.

Ellie is looking to have some time alone since the crew always does everything together. Her solution is to start surfing every morning. Of course, we can’t be completely dependent so she has Jules help her put her wet suit on. Fun fact: Ellie doesn’t wear anything under her wet suit. Oh how I enjoy their overly close relationship. Sadly for Ellie, when she is quietly sitting on her board in the water, who should swim up but Bobby. Sad face for Ellie.

Bobby goes and rides the waves, but Ellie just likes to sit and enjoys the quiet. However to get back on shore she has to “ride the waves” and not knowing how to surf at all, it doesn’t go well. Bobby decides he is going to teach her. It doesn’t go well, so Bobby quits. Angie tells Bobby that he just needs to let Ellie know he isn’t going to give up on her so her walls can come down. So Bobby shows up while she wave sits, and then Jules shows up too. Ellie still doesn’t learn though, and so after a talk on the beach with Jules, Bobby goes and grabs her to bring her back into the water. He tells her he isn’t giving up on her and guesss what – Ellie learns to ride that wave.

And given how hard I ship Laurie and Travis (I don’t care if it’s wrong people. You can’t stop me.) my favorite story of the night started with Laurie heading to see Trav because she misses hanging out and flirting with him. Sigh… But Travis doesn’t want to hang out because of his helmet issues. He’s embarrassed.

However, Laurie misses Travis too much to stay away. (LOVE!) She comes back to try to get Travis to hang out, at least in the house, but when she sees Travis’s roommate, Sig, trying to learn how to step to join the black frat (he’s not black, FYI) she decides to help. But she needs a partner – cue Travis. The boys get the dance down, but now Sig wants Travis to do it with him. Travis says no, but Laurie tells Sig it’s not a big deal, Trav has a crush on her and has never said no to her. But this time… he does.

So Laurie asks what is going on – she misses old Travis that would do anything for her. And Travis is actually quite honest. It’s refreshing. He tells her it’s hard flirting with someone all the time and then thinking about them and realizing nothing is going to happen. It makes a person feel stupid, so he backed off. She’s sad because he made her feel special. And then she leaves. (Not before naming the house The Panty Graveyard. Awesome. Travis had horrible names before, such as The Nut Hut. Wow.)

Laurie heads to campus to see Sig and the other pledges do the dance. And surprise! They first start by chanting “Where is my helmet?” Turns out Travis will still do anything for Laurie and goes out to join the boys in a step routine. It’s fabulous. And I swooned because I love Laurie and Travis. LOVE. Sigh…

The episode brought me joy on a lot of levels. I love Bobby/Ellie being explored more this season. I love the way they dropped this huge bomb on the show and somehow it seems like no big deal by the end. Of course it’s cool Grayson has a kid! Why not?! And I love Laurie and Travis. If they don’t have a sweet moment while dancing at the wedding…. Well, I’m coming after you Bill Lawrence.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae