On this week’s episode of Cougar Town, Travis got in an accident, Bobby invented a new game and Laurie had a moment of clarity. She also said some insanely stupid stuff, so don’t get worried. Also, Grayson misses Jules’s affection, which is what the title is referring to. In a slightly creepy manner, I think. But I’ve always found the word “lover” to be weird. Unless you say it “lovah” and then it’s just funny. Moving on….

Title Card:

Welcome to Cougar Town

This is not the Simpson’s chalkboard bit.
This is not the Simpson’s chalkboard bit.
This is not the Simpson’s chalkboard bit.

(This gag loses a bit of it’s charm in translation because you can’t see that they used the font from The Simpson’s.)

What Happened:

Oh this show and it’s ridiculous games. First of all, can I just say I miss Penny Can?! I miss it soooo much. Release Penny Can! Anywhooo, Bobby came up with a new game. Dominance Ball. One person surprises another by hitting them with a small nerf-like soccer ball, therefore proving their dominance. Of course when Andy and Bobby say it is just for guys, newly bonded Laurie and Ellie take offence. Of course a war is started and it gets ugly. Like, Laurie freezing the balls before throwing them. That’s my kind of girl.

cougar town season 3

Bobby was on an inventing streak this week and also invented Dog Boarding, which involved Human Travis being pulled on a skateboard by Dog Travis. As you can imagine, this did not end well. Travis fractured his skull. Aaaand he has to wear a helmet for the next few months. Because Travis does so well with the ladies as it is, it’s nice he gets to add a helmet into the mix just to shake things up.

It also shook up Jules. But not at first. She held it together, not spiraling out of control as she normally does when something happens to her kid. She took some time out of her All Wedding All The Time (AWATT, said like “a-what!”) plan to take care of Travis in the hospital. But when that boy of hers didn’t want to wear his helmet, and nearly got hit wiyh a Dominance Ball, she laid down the law. He needs to wear it so she won’t freak out. And he did at least for now.

As Laurie pointed out, she thinks the worst thing about having kids is that no matter how much they reassure you they will do the right thing, when they are out of sight, you just have no idea what is going on. The four parents, Andy, Ellie, Jules, and Bobby, were shaken by this amazingly insightful moment, so they went to the dog park to try to get some of that needed affection from dogs – which is what Andy suggested Grayson do when Jules ignore him. Which is weird, right? It’s weird. But also weird….

And my favorite part of this episode – how no one knows anything about Tom. Like he has two grown kids. And he’s been a neuro surgeon at the hospital for 12 years. Or his last name (hint: it’s not Gazoinks). Poor poor Tom. But oh my gosh, that recurring bit was hysterical. HYSTERICAL. I love creepster Tom.

The episode was adorable. I love when the adults come through for Travis – like all of them wearing helmets in solitude. But at this point I’m just excited for the next two episodes which show runner, Bill Lawrence, says are going be extra special for Scrubs fans. I was a huge fan of that show. Can’t wait.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

Cougar Town airs on ABC and stars Courtney Cox, Busy Phillips