For those of you playing along at home, you know that I love the Travis/Laurie dynamic on Cougar Town, so when I saw that was the focus of this week’s episode, “Down South,” I was a little giddy. But I just ended up in tears at the end. Sigh.

cougar town

The Cougar Town cast is thrilled to be here.

Title Card:

Welcome to Cougar Town
“I didn’t know it was back on either.” – Abed

Who doesn’t love a good Community shout out?

What Happened:

There were several things happening this week, most revolving around the fact that Florida was being hit by Hurricane Mary. The group was going to have a hurricane party and fun was going to be had. But all of that change when Laurie found out that her online boyfriend, Wade, reenlisted for another year overseas. As Laurie fell into a puddle of depression realizing that maybe this relationship wouldn’t work, Travis, thanks to Holly, saw a spark of possibility that things may finally happen for him and Laurie. Which, of course, led to a big discussion amongst the adults…

Bobby and Andy felt Travis should go for it. Laurie and Jules thought it wasn’t right and that he should be persuaded to back off. Grayson remained Switzerland (the country that was neutral during World Wa…zzzzzz let’s all fake fall asleep like the rest of the crew). How did this very mature group of people decide what advice to give Travis? They played a game of Celebrity, with the winner getting their way in the Travis/Laurie relationship drama. These people are messed up. In the best possible way, of course.

Meanwhile, Laurie and Travis had a bunch of insanely sweet moments as he comforted her through this tough time. I both loved it and got a little frustrated watching it. Laurie (and the rest of the world) knows that Travis has a crush on her. And yet she just leaned into him (literally and figuratively) without any regard for that. I yelled at the screen “You know he loves you! Stop it!” But she didn’t, and as the day went on, Travis really started to think there was a chance. Until Wade popped up on Laurie’s tablet and apologized.

With the help of Travis, Laurie and Wade made up. And by help, I mean he taped the tablet to his face and danced with Laurie like he was Wade. It was heartbreaking to watch. In the end, all the adults agreed that Travis really does love Laurie, so they would support him, but it was too late and Travis was left to ride out the end of the storm with the adults while Laurie and Tablet Wade went upstairs. I cried a little because Travis’s sad face is one of the saddest things in the world.

Where does this leave these two for the rest of the season? I have a feeling it isn’t quite over yet. At least I hope not.

Now one of the other side stories was about Grayson trying to come up with a line when he closes the bar. Jules and Ellie told him “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here is too cliche.” And it is. In the final scene, Ellie inspired him to come up with a perfect closing which I’m sure many of us wish a bartender would have said to us once or twice. So I’m going to leave you with it….

Grayson: Please get out of my bar. I just want to go home and wrap up in my cozy blanket and drink that tea with the sleepy bear on the box. I know you hate me now, but you’ll thank me later. Because if you don’t stop drinking, tomorrow you’re going to wake up next to that person that you’re talking to right now. And you’ll wish you knew how to get them out of your house, but they’re going to make you take them to brunch. Don’t drink and drive. You might kill your dad.

Next week TWO episodes of Cougar Town! Oh ABC, do right and pick this show up. And if you don’t, please do, TBS. Okay??? I can’t live without my Cul de Sac crew. And I need the show to go on long enough for Laurie to come around to Travis.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae