There are two, count em’, TWO new relationships in this week’s episode of Cougar Town. And both stem from exchanging no in person conversations. The way all healthy relationships start. Also, Courteney Cox takes a turn in the director’s chair for the episode, “Full Moon Fever” and we meet a new (but familiar) face – Sarah Chalke!

Title Card:

Welcome to Cougar Town.
Your name isn’t that great either.

(I love my name. So there.)

What Happened….

A new mall was built just behind the cul de sac. Amazingly, in their wine induced haze, no one except Andy seemed to realize this. One of the unfortunate side effects of having a mall behind your home is the stupid biker boys that discovered a short cut through the street now terrorize them all. It also leads to a fight between Andy and everyone. He thinks he is king of the cul de sac, when everyone else clearly feels it is Jules. As King, Jules tries to talk it out with the teenage pains, but, naturally that doesn’t work out, much to Andy’s delight. Although one benefit of the bicycle boys – they make a great scapegoat when Jules, Grayson, Andy and Ellie want to steal Tom’s fountain – it makes them have to pee all the time.

The next move up Jules’s sleeve – put what essentially amounts to a scarecrow in a cop suit (the cop suit Grayson proposed in, natch) in a chair at the end of the cul de sac. Shockingly, it works. For a minute. They are teenagers, not complete idiots. Also, Andy turned it around. But Andy is just sad because he isn’t in power of anything like everyone else so he goes into full moping mode. Jules apologizes and asks for his help with the bicycle boys. He turns it into his Braveheart moment. With fake horse riding and everything. The cul de sac crew hold their ground and then use a sand trap take those kids down.

Meanwhile, Travis is hard at work on a photography project. He is supposed to take a candid picture of a stranger but his helmet makes it hard to be incognito. So he tries to cheat and take a candid picture of Bobby. Of course Bobby sees the camera and has a hard time with it. Bobby is a genius. The pictures Travis takes are loved by his teacher, Angie, (Sarah Chalke!). And Angie is loved by Bobby. This makes life difficult for Travis because he already feels bad that he is cheating in his favorite class and lying to his favorite teacher and now his dad (the evidence that he cheated) wants to date her.

And fun for Travis – turns out all it takes for Angie to fall for Bobby is a look at his pictures. She thinks shirtless Bobby is hot. He is… but honestly I can’t get out of my head what happened to Brian Van Holt when he was shirtless on Sons of Anarchy so, it makes me a little uncomfortable. (If you didn’t see that, well…. it was gross and I’d rather not say.) When Bobby brings it up, Travis asks Bobby not to date her. (Spoiler Alert: This isn’t going to work out the way Travis hopes.) Now Bobby is super sad face like Andy, so Grayson tells Jules why. She and Grayson go to convince Travis to let up on Bobby. As Grayson points out – when was the last time Bobby liked someone?

Let’s take a second and analyze why that moment is soooo super fabulous. Travis’s mom and soon to be stepdad go to encourage him to let his dad go on a date. Because all of them are friends. I can’t express how awesome I think that is. This crew loves each other. Even the ex husband and the soon to be new husband. I would say they are like Ashton and Bruce, but… well…. Anyway, Bobby and Angie meet and it is adorable, even if there are no words. And now I’m just waiting for Bill Lawrence to sign Sarah on as a regular because if Angie doesn’t marry Bobby, I’m going to be devastated. (Overinvested, party of one!)

Laurie, apparently unclear on what it means to photobomb someone, sends Ellie a naked picture of herself, and calls it a photobomb. Adorable. Ellie tries to warn her about the dangers of putting your naked picture out in the world, but Laurie cites Paris Hilton as someone who it worked out for. Because she became rich after the fact. Oh Jellybean. Laurie then starts to date someone she meets on Twitter via the nude picture. She does not listen to Ellie’s warning that this guy could be completely insane. She even sends him her social security number. Wowza.

Of course, then when Ellie and Grayson attempt to prove the Laurie and Wade (her new Twitter BF) are completely ridiculous by reading their tweets from the night before, we all discover that Wade and Laurie do have a real connection. Awwww… cute.

So there you have it. New loves. Andy in Braveheart gear. Travis still wearing a helmet. It was just a fantastic episode with a lot of heart. And talk of nudity. Next week – more Sarah Chalke. And some other familiar faces if you liked that little show called Scrubs.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae