It’s finally here. This week’s episode, “A One Story Town” is more than just an episode of Cougar Town. It’s a Scrubs reunion. I loved that show. Looooved it. The humor was obscure and the stories were so full of heart that I cried almost on a weekly basis. Cougar Town, while with fewer tears (it isn’t set in a hospital where people die, after all) is in the same vein and I loved seeing the two combine on this level.

Title Card

Welcome to Cougar Town.

No, it’s not just Scrubs in Florida with lots of wine.

(Isn’t it though?? Isn’t it?!?)

What Happened

Ted Buckland (Sam Lloyd) is back! And by that I mean both from the Cougar Town Hawaiian Vacation episodes and Scrubs. Ted is a crossover character. Apparently after he and Travis (Dan Byrd) bonded in Hawaii they kept in touch and when Ted and his a cappella group – how I missed their sweet vocal stylings – need a place to stay on their way to Disney World, Travis offers up Jules’s (Courteney Cox) home. Much to Jules’s dismay. Why aren’t they staying a hotel: because the crab festival is going on and the entire population of Quebec seems to come to town for it. Why? No one knows….

Bobby (Brian Van Holt) and Angie (Sarah Chalke) apparently did not get off to a great start. Bobby’s opener was asking her what her sign was and then when she answered and asked him his he said he didn’t have one. You can see how things deteriorated from there. Jules hears this and says Bobby is awful when he first likes a girl, so they just need to get them past the first kiss because he is the best kisser she’s ever been with. (FYI – Grayson is apparently seventh. I refuse to believe it’s true!) Oh Jules, I love that you find it not weird at all to try to get your ex-husband laid. She plans the perfect date that requires the minimal amount of talking. Of course, this will not go perfectly.

Jules is on call for Bobby’s date. It starts where he picks her up, dressed in a sports coat (and, eventually, pants) and is supposed to compliment her dress. He says it looks like the dress his grandmother got married in. Sexy. Then he talks about bunch of dead manatees washing up on shore, drives into a swarm of bees (she’s allergic) and then goes to play Penny Can on his boat where Andy and Travis are supposed to be waiting to join in, but are instead fighting over a new rule involving spray paint and Travis’s helmet.

Things continue to go well as Laurie, now tasked with getting tickets to an early movie for Bobby and Angie rubs hot wings sauce in her eyes and can’t get to the theater because of all the Quebecers in the way. Since that’s off the table, Jules and Grayson go to meet Bobby and Angie at the bar. It also goes swimmingly. And by that I mean Bobby has started speaking in crazy gibberish, the bar is super crowded (Quebecers!) Jules points out the twisted nature of the Jules/Grayson/Bobby dynamic, Jules tells Bobby how to eat and Grayson starts asking Angie if she thinks he would be a good kisser. You think that  would have made her run screaming. But no… it was Bobby eating the bread bowl, not the soup, first and then the hot soup pouring out and on to Angie’s lap. Wowza.

Jules has Andy, Travis and Laurie head to the beach for a romantic moment. They have to go beyond town lines because it’s too crowded (Quebecers!) so Laurie’s anklet goes off. Travis goes to help her (awww….) and Andy sets up a spot on a nice quite part of the beach. But then Angie sees a dead Manatee and things are pretty much over from there. Sad face all around.

Angie waddles home (she has burns on her thighs from the soup), Grayson and Travis go to bail Laurie out of jail, Jules goes to help Bobby, and Jules convince Ellie that she should go get Angie to help Bobby. Her friend – there’s that heart I was telling you about. So Ellie gets Angie, Jules convinces Bobby to come to the crab festival and then gets Ted and his group to sing Kiss the Girl (from Little Mermaid) and they kiss as everyone watches on and it’s magical.

And then…. there is the last minute right before the vanity cards. I don’t think words can properly express just how brilliant and perfect it was. Ted, realizing that all of these people (Tom, Angie and Ellie) are part of his past life at the hospital as other people (Dr. Zeltzer, Elliot and Jordan). And then Jules’s dad (Ken Jenkins) comes in and Ted freaks out and seeing “Kelso.” Then Zach Braff comes in to deliver a pizza and Robert Maschio (Dr. Todd!!) comes in to high five it out with Ted. If you didn’t watch Scrubs, well, I guess it may have been funny, but as someone who misses that show all the time – I… I loved it.

How sweet was that episode?? It may have been one of my all-time favorites. Everyone was just at their best. Bravo!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae