Get ready to compare your “omg I LOVE this flippin’ show” notes with writer Melissa Miller. Beware: Her unstoppable enthusiasm will likely have you re-watching this great Cougar Town episode before the end of the day. But that’s okay…because you don’t HAVE to do laundry if you just buy some new socks, right? I’m glad we agree on that logic. I was worried about you, but now I see that you’re a friend for life.



Have you all recovered from the adorable Jules/Grayson engagement on Cougar Town? I hope so, it’s been a week. I mean it was cute, but still… (I am still swooning, to be honest, but that just seems ridiculous to admit to.) Now it’s time to get to that whole part after the proposal: the wedding planning. Jules being Jules, I think this ought to be good.

Title Card:

Titles we liked better than Cougar Town –
Sunshine State
The Drinking Age
Cougar City
The Mid-Life

What Happened:

First, Travis teaches Grayson an important lesson: Jules is an eavesdropping ninja. She would have been amazing if she lived in Downton Abbey. She also hates spoilers, even if she never watches anything. Jules and I need to talk about what constitutes a spoiler.

Then the wedding planning starts, including some of the friends choosing engagement gifts. Laurie wants to get Jules and Grayson themselves, carved in chocolate. Her reasoning: delicious, and they are way hotter as a black couple. Bobby, looking to show he is cool with his ex-wife marrying his friend, puts a zip line between Jules and Grayson’s homes. Awesome. Of course the landing is a bit rough. Like into a tree. So Ellie and Andy tell him maybe it’s not a great idea. Then Jules sees it and immediately vetoes the idea, vehemently. Sad trombone for Bobby.

Jules and Grayson have errands of their own. Jules asks Ellie to be her maid of honor. But when she tries to tell Laurie, Laurie asks Jules to have two maids of honor. Jules sells the idea to Ellie as a way for her not to have to do all the Maid of Honor crap. Laurie gets to do everything except make the toast. But Ellie is annoyed because she knows Jules is just doing it to be a people pleaser and she feels betrayed that Jules asked Laurie before talking to Ellie. To stop Ellie from telling Laurie that Jules just let her be Co Maid of Honor (or, Co-MoH) out of pity, she ziplines down off her roof to get to Laurie first. It doesn’t end well. In that she gets hurt. But she acknowledges Bobby’s thought was sweet. Awww…

Grayson goes off to ask Jules’s dad, Chick, for his permission to marry Jules. His response: “We’ll see.” Oh dear. Of course, Chick doesn’t make it easy for him. He tells Grayson if he wants to marry Jules he need to kill Chick’s beloved, but dying, horse. Wowza. Then as Grayson is contemplating it, Chick turns and mouths to Travis the horse is fine. Naturally, Grayson can’t do it so he leaves the barn. Chick and Travis talk, and Travis tells Chick that Grayson is a good guy and Jules is lucky to have him, which Chick already knew. Good thing because Grayson was about to shoot the horse anyway.

And In one of the more bizarre twists to Ellie and Andy’s marriage: they have a totally messed up way of dealing with Andy annoying Ellie. She kills him. Not really, of course, because even if she is a bit cold, she does love the fella. She fake kills him, in a gory and amazingly realistic manner. Then Travis takes pictures of it to give to them which she hangs on the wall, natch. This comes full circle later when, in order for Ellie to make it up to Jules for all that Co-MoH nonsense, Jules kills Ellie with a chain saw. And Travis takes picks. Sweet sweet friendship.

What we learned this week:

This show is still as bizarre as ever. And I love it. I want to marry it and have it’s little wino babies. Pure brilliance week to week. And I hope we get more Ken Jenkins as Chick during the wedding planning. What I know we are getting: a lot of Scrubs alum, including the gorgeous and hysterical Sarah Chalke as a new love interest for Bobby! Can’t wait!

Written by Melissa Miller and a bottle of Red Velvet Wine. Find Melissa on Twitter: @serrae. Find the wine at wherever you buy wine. Delish.

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