Need Cougar Town quotes to fill your daily monotony? Sounds like a good plan. Got your wine handy?

cougar town

The Cougar Town cast is thrilled to be here. Look at those smiles! Photo: ABC Studios

Cougar Town Quotes – Season 3

Tom: Hey, Jules. What’s going on with your wedding?
Jules: Thanks, Tom! (turns around to everyone) I told him to pop in and say that whenever the topic goes off the wedding for too long.

Jules: Ellie, I love you so much. I want to ask you something.
Ellie: Are we finally running away together? Because I keep a bag in my truck.
Jules: Me too!
Ellie: Awesome!
Jules: You’re my best friend. And my future wife. Will you be my maid of honor?

Laurie: That’s why I want to hold you like a baby in the water. So for once I can take care of you like you’ve always taken care of me.
Jules: That… actually made sense.
Laurie: Do you think that I say things just to say them?
Jules: No?

cougar townTravis: You’re acting like you’ve never shot a horse before.
Grayson: I haven’t!
Travis: Kinda weird. You’re a grown man.

Grayson: I don’t need your permission. Jules is.. 42? 3?
Travis: Not sure.
Chick: I don’t know.
Grayson: We should all know that!

Grayson: I almost shot a horse today.
Jules: I fell from the sky.

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