Cougar Town on ABC

Cougar Town on ABC

So, last night I tuned into Cougar Town without actually meaning to.  That’s a little odd for me since I usually plan out all TV watching, which is totally normal if you watch the amount of TV I do! Anyway, as you might know, the show stars Courtney Cox-Arquette as Jules, a recently divorced Mom trying to reclaim her life. While you probably know that Cox-Arquette is on the show, chances are you don’t know the rest of the cast. Christa Miller (Scrubs) is a solid supporting actress as the Jules’ best friend. But I was especially happy to see Busy Philipps (Dawson’s Creek) and Ian Gomez (Felicity) on the show. What can I say; I just loved my shows on The WB and I am a faithful sort!

Dan Byrd plays Jules’ kid. He may not get a ton of screen time, but every minute he’s on is enjoyable. If you think that he looks familiar, you might know him from Heroes, Aliens in America, or Greek. The boy does ‘endearing’ very well!

Cox-Arquette may have done ‘pretty well’ as Lucy Spiller on the FX drama Dirt, but her true forte is flat-out comedy. And luckily, the Courtney we get in Cougar Town is the one we miss from Friends.  I really thought Cougar Town might be too much of a glorified Desperate Housewives, but it’s genuinely funny. Courtney is a charming pro, and I really hope this show sticks around for a good while. Did you give it a shot yet? What did you think? The lead-in (Modern Family) is also a solid show, but the follow-up (Eastwick) is bound to get justifiably canceled soon.

With only two-episodes into Cougar Town so far you can still catch up online at and watch next week live: Wednesday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

You can also watch Cougar Town for free online at!

Funny Cougar Town Quote:

“Are you changing your underwear at my desk?” – Jules
“Who cares?” – Laurie
“I think that I do.” – Jules

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